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TLHL Model: Valerie

Are you confused by all the different types of shampoos and conditioners, not to mention styling aids? Do you know which hair accessory works better than another, or which styling tool actually does what it claims? What brand of vitamins work the best? The Product Review page is designed to help you answer all of those questions before you invest your money in something that may or may not work. Because each person is different, reviews will be listed with the users name and hair type. Find a hair type similar to your own, match it with a good review, and you should have a product that should work well on your hair as well! There are many products out there today, finding the perfect one for you without investing a fortune in a product graveyard has never been easier!

Would you like to add your review to the growing list here? Want to add something new? On each page you will find a link to submit a review. This resource is only as good as the feedback we get from you, so let us hear from you! Together we can make this the best hair care review resource around!

Shampoos: Cleansing agents for hair and scalp. Some herbal mixtures that are specifically used for cleansing hair and scalp will be included here as well.
Rinse Out Conditioners: Includes regular and deep conditioners that are rinsed out of your hair. Some rinse out conditioners have been used as leave in conditioners, and you may see that noted in the reviews here.
Leave In Conditioners: Conditioners that are left in the hair, rather than being rinsed out.
Hair Coloring Agents: Hair coloring products synthetic or natural, like henna and herbal blends.
Styling Aids: Includes everything from gels, mousse and pomade, to serums, wax sticks, hair glitter and more!
Styling Tools: Includes things like blow dryers, curling and flattening irons, hot rollers, tools like Parts Pizzazz, The Split Ender, hair brushes, combs and more!
Hair Accessories: Includes products like Ficcare clips, hair sticks by various makers, Hairagami, France Luxe, and other accessories for hair.
Butters, Oils and Essential Oils: Oils, butters, and essential oils of all kinds! Miscellaneous listings can be found here as well

Vitamin Supplements: Vitamins, Vitamin blends, herbs... find out which brands work best!

Book, Video and DVD's: Hair related books, DVD and video reviews!
Online Merchants: Reviews of online merchants, good, bad, or otherwise! Before you go shopping online, check in here!

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