Rinse Out Conditioners

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Rinse Out Conditioners include regular and deep conditioners that are rinsed out of your hair. Some rinse out conditioners have been used as leave in conditioners, and you may see that noted in the reviews here. If you've tried any of these rinse out conditioners or have tried new ones you'd like to see listed, we would love to have your review included! Please click on PRODUCT REVIEWS to send your review to us!



Alberto V05

Kiwi & Lime Squeeze, Herbal Conditioner, Clarifying for extra body with rosemary & lemongrass extracts

Water, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, rosemary leaf extract, cymbopogon schoenanthus extract, actinidia chinensis (kiwi) extract, citrus aurantifola (lime), hydrolyzed collagen, ergocalciferol (Vitamin D), steareth-21, glyceryl stearate, benzophenone-4, corn oil, propylene glycol, disodium edta, dmdm hydantioin, fragrance, blue 1, yellow 5

I give this conditioner 8 out of 10. This was the first conditioner I tried when I started doing CO washes. I liked how it was a clarifying conditioner which meant it could clean my hair yet be a conditioner too. To my knowledge it is Cone free. It smells nice. The only thing to watch out for is some people have had some scalp irritation when using it. I personally had some tingling after my first 2 uses but has not happened in the more than 10 weeks since. I would say that this is worth a try. It's only around $1 a bottle so if it doesn't work it's not a big waste.

-Robert (Purplebubba)

I personally don't like any VO5 products and don't buy them. VO5's shampoos and conditioners all tend to make my hair VERY greasy and make my scalp very itchy. For me I'd say avoid, but I don't know how it would work for you. If it works fine for you, and you like it, then I say go for it!


I tried the kiwi lime, but it was too drying for my already dry hair... Even doing CO!

-Erin 1cCiii

Blueberries and Cream and Strawberries and Cream

I do really like the V05 Strawberries and cream as well as Blueberries and cream... Both are very moisturising, and work super well for me when mixed with some honey! Also they smell like dessert!!! And so far no buildup... I've been using them everyday for about two weeks.

-Erin 1cCiii

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Mask for hair

AUBREY BLUE GREEN ALGAE MASK: If you have a dry scalp this is a must have! This is applied to your dry scalp, hair or both and left on 15 or more minutes. Shampoo out and condition as usual.
-Goldenhair 1cNiii


Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner

I think Aubrey Organics richest conditioner is GPB. It is also the heaviest in protein. Some can use this conditioner nearly every day, while others get protein overload. If your hair is damaged, use of this conditioner will help a lot. I like to use it at least once a week, and the use of a heating cap intensifies the treatment. I like to leave it on 30 minutes to an hour.

GPB has a unique scent that I love. Some don't like it at all though.

Aubrey products are all natural, and feel different than regular conditioners and shampoos. If you like natural products, you should love AO!

-Fox 2CNii

I agree that using it once a week is best. I find that using GPB every time I wash eventually leaves the hair coated with the stuff and I have to super clarify it off.
-Goldenhair 1cNiii

AO GPB is a rich, heavy, protein conditioner. I found it to be a wonderful treatment, but it left too much weight on my fine hair.

If I use this product again, it will be on days when I can bun my hair. It didn't rinse clean enough for me, but I may have used too much product in hard water.

-RosePetal 1aFii

I use the GBP every time I CWC, about every other day or so. Maybe this is why my hair has been improving drastically. It's so soft and manageable, and stronger. I love the smell of both, but the Rosa Mosqueta is my favorite fragrance.

I have decided to give up on AO products except for the GPB. I am going to try it as a deep conditioner with heat. I like the smell and I like the way it makes my hair so soft. I think maybe once every 3 to 4 weeks would be often enough. My hair is quite sensitive to too much protein. THanks for the heat treatment idea.


I LOVE it!

I have to say that I couldn't get this stuff out of my house FAST enough. I thought it smelled like flat Coca Cola and my hair felt dreadful after using it. To be fair (yeah, right) I used Giovanni 50-50 shampoo before it, so I didn't use two AO products back-to-back, and maybe that made the difference. I love the smell of the Giovanni 50-50, but it left my hair terribly dry (I did use it later with a conditioner that I knew I liked) so maybe the trouble wasn't so much with the GPB, but the Giovanni was what caused it, and the GPB would've worked better if I'd used a better shampoo as a lead-in..... But I couldn't' bear the smell. P/U. So sorry, Fox. You know I don't mean to "dis" you or your tastes. ;~P You can slap me later. I'm running away now!

Hugs (mwa!)
-Lisa Janey 2a-b/F/ii

Aubrey Organics Island Spice Conditioner

I have always loved AO products and the Island Spice Conditioner is one of my favorite. I feel it is the most moisturizing conditioner AO has.

It has a rich, spicy scent, which lingers in the hair.

This is a rich conditioner, but not overly heavy. I could use it just about everyday if I wanted to.

I also use this product as a leave in conditioner, apply just a small amount to damp hair, or simply not rinsing out the conditioner before getting out of the shower.

-Fox 2CMii

I like this one also. Charlyee gave me part of a bottle and the smell is so nice. The texture is creamy and the product looks and feels like something rich to eat! I think she said it was a little heavy for her hair, but it's great for mine! It doesn't seem to coat my hair - my hair is very shiny after using it.
-Honey Mane

I love this too! My hair thinks AO Islands stuff is the best thing that happened to it.


I found this product, AO Island Spice conditioner, to be very moisturizing. It smells wonderful too! It has a very warm natural scent... slightly spicy.

I did find that, over time, I had to clarify, as it seemed to coat my length a bit. This is probably due to the high mineral content of my water, making rinsing a chore.

I would suggest using distilled water or soft water with this product, and clarifying occasionally with an ACV rinse.

This is probably the most moisturizing instant conditioner that I have tried. It is slightly heavy for fine hair, so I would suggest tweaking the amount of product used to get the results that you want.

-RosePetal 1aFii

I love this too! This is really a nice conditioner. I always get compliments on how nice my hair smells when I use it.

Ditto to all the above!



Body Shop

Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

I was VERY impressed with these products. I'm a very "smelly" person and I think these products smell GREAT.

How I used it:
I wet my hair and used the shampoo only on my scalp, then let it rinse out all over my hair. It really is very moisturizing! Then I used the conditioner just on the length and rinsed it out. It wasn't as conditioning as I thought it would be - it's moisturizing, but I thought it would be more like a deep conditioner. However, this would be a great conditioner to not wash out completely if you use that method.

There are way too many ingredients for me to type out the whole list, but I thought I'd mention that there are some cones. Phenethyl dimethicone is present in both, and amodimethicone is in the conditioner.

If I was looking for a shampoo and conditioner and wasn't satisified with my current routine (which is using mainly herbs and oils to cleanse and condition my hair), I would probably pick this. I'm not sure if the conditioner would be my first choice, but this is by far the most conditioning shampoo I've ever tried. My scalp hair is looking really shiny (no conditioner went there, only shampoo), and the length feels fluffy and very soft, like silk .







Everyday Mehndi (henna)

These products come from EveryDay Mehndi.

I ordered the Lotus Powder Plus, and Crown & Glory Powder (renamed Everyday Conditioning Powder).

The fragrance of these powders is fantastic. I can't get get enough of sniffing them, and this is from someone who is not overly fond of herbal aromas, in general.

I did a deep conditioning by mixing 2 tablespoons of Lotus Powder Plus in 6oz. of plain, non-fat yogurt and applying it to clean, dry hair for one hour. I then rinsed and used a good moisturizing conditioner. I got fantastic waves!

Crown & Glory is meant for conditioning, but because it lists aritha on the package, I thought it might have some cleansing ability, so I used it on dirty hair. No cleansing. Try again. That experiment was a wash. {grin}

*Update: I did a rinse with 1 1/2 tsp. lotus powder plus in 1 cup of water in place of conditioner. It left my hair soft, but a little limp. That's not surprising since my hair is easily over conditioned, and I think I'll keep the LPP for deep treatments.

*Latest Update:
I've been trying something new recently. Instead of a big treatment every other month, or so, I'm trying a small amount of LP mixed with water and yogurt on a weekly basis. Only one time so far, but I really like it. I used the full fat yogurt, too. I haven't finalized the measurements yet; I need to do more experiments.







SoSmooth Conditioner

I've been using Got2B "So Smooth" moisturizing conditioner for the past 4 months and am so thrilled with the results, I just had to write about it.

And I'm wondering if anyone else has used this product, or anything else from Got2B, and what your experiences were with it?

I had dealt with very dry, dull hair for years and years and years. I tried "everything" -- protein packs, oils, deep conditioners, home remedies, various salon and drug store products -- in my quest to have soft, shiny hair that was not lacking in moisture.

Then while visiting my sister and needing to borrow some shampoo and conditioner, she said, "I got all kinds of stuff under the sink. Take your pick."

My sister, like me, has also been on a long quest for "the perfect hair care regime" that works for her. She has slightly different hair than me, so the SoSmooth didn't give her the results she needed and thus was relegated to the "under-the-sink-zone."

However, for me, SoSmooth was IT. After just one use of the shampoo and the conditioner, I had incredibly silky hair and it stayed like that for the next several days after I went home. I didn't want to wash my hair again for fear of losing the silky feel which just would not go away. After 5 days, my hair didn't feel dirty. It still had swing and shine. My scalp didn't start to itch when it normally should have been feeling like, "Hello? WASH me, dang it!"

When I did wash my hair, using my old products, sure enough my hair went back to feeling like straw. After a couple weeks, I broke down and spent more money on more hair stuff -- a bottle of Got2B SoSmooth conditioner.

I was worried maybe I wouldn't get the full benefits of SoSmooth because my water is different than the water at my sister's place, and because I didn't also buy the matching shampoo. (I just used my regular F.A.S.T. shampoo). But no. Instantly upon using the SoSmooth conditioner, I had silky hair once again.

Still skeptical, I expected that after a short while, I'd stop receiving the benefits from SoSmooth. Wrong again. It's been 4 months since I started using it and the results are still soft, shiny hair every time.

I experimented a bit, using different conditioners a few times (once it was even from the Got2B line, the Emergency Repair Creme treatment) but the results showed up immediately upon use: lackluster hair.

Then I'd go back to SoSmooth and voila! Instant luxury -- hair that I actually enjoy running my hands through.

If you are one who has battled with dry hair and have tried product after product, Got2B SoSmooth might be your ticket.

On the other hand, Got2B SoSmooth might not be the thing you need. But if you're like I was and are starting to think, "I'm a person with dry, non-shiny hair and that's just the way it is," know that maybe, just maybe, if you keep searching, the right stuff for you will be found. Hey, perhaps it's lurking under your sister's bathroom sink.

-Squirrely Girl






INFUSIUM 23 Power Pac Conditioner

Infusium conditioners are great. The whole line works so pick one that's right for your hair type. The Power Pac is a super conditioning treatment that you can use every time.

-Goldenhair 1cNiii



Jheri Redding

Jheri Redding Natural Protein Conditioner

Jheri Redding Natural Protein Conditioner, 16.5 fl oz.

Ingredients: Water, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Sodium Chloride, Apple Cider Vinegar

This conditioner is a liquid, as in like water. It is more of a spray in type of conditioner that looks, feels and might even taste like Soy Sauce! It runs about $8.49 from Sally's Beauty Supply. I got it because it was recommended to me by a long hair stylist.

I have used it as a treatment over a long time period. I am almost out of it now. I think it is helpful to the hair, add strength and shine. I also think that if you went to the grocery store, bought a bottle of soy sauce, added a splash of ACV you could have the same product, same results for half the cost.

Overall: Good product, but could be made at home for less money!

-Fox 2CMii

John Frieda

John Frieda Beach Blonde Kelp Help (deep conditioner)

Deep-sea therapy for dehydrated, damaged hair. Protein-rich sea kelp formula dramatically restores and revitalizes hair.

High-potency, fortifying blend with protein-rich algae and sea kelp seeps deep into over-baked, under-nourished hair, renewing strength and vitality. Soothing, emollient masque, infused with Vitamins A, B12, C, E and nourishing marine-derived amino acids, saturates hair...restoring critical moisture, silky suppleness and healthy-looking shine.

Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Quaternium-26, Butylene Glycol, Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Dimethiconal, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Fragrance, Diazolidinyl Urea, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Laminaria Digitata Powder (Kelp), Porphyra Yezoensis Leaf (Algae), Triticum Vulgare Germ Protein (Wheat), Kaolin, Hydrolized Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, Wheat Amino Acids, Sodium Chloride, Blue 1, Yellow 10, Formula #2280

I used this as an overnight deep conditioner. It smells nice - very fresh and clean. However, I think it would work better as a rinse-out conditioner that you would leave in for only a few minutes, because my hair didn't feel deep conditioned when I rinsed it out. It just felt like I used a nice rinse-out conditioner on my length.
-Leia 2bNiii

I used it last summer and liked it a lot for a rinse out conditioner. It gave me great slip and made my hair easy to comb out and I liked the smell a lot too. I still have some too, and use it when the mood strikes.

-Avrilon 2aFii

I've used it too, and absolutely loved it as a rinse out. I was actually just in the store looking for it today, but they were out. It gave me great slip without any extra weight. I also used it as a deep conditioner, leaving it on for about 10 minutes and applying heat via a blowdryer. It was great for me.

-Shawn 1aFi/ii

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Glistening Creme Conditioner

The one that I bought is "Prescribed for dry, frizzy, or color-treated hair." As a rule, I like to buy things that are specifically for damaged hair, because they are more moisturizing.

This conditioner is very good. It's moisturizing, and leaves hair shiny and less frizzy (even in this humid weather!). It says to leave on for one minute, but I get the same results even when I leave it on for less than that. I sometimes use it as one of my C's in CWC.

It has a LOT of ingredients, so ... here I go.

- Aqua
- Cetearyl alcohol
- Behentrimonium Metho-sulfate
- Dimethiconol
- Hazel (corylus avellana) nut oil
- Hydrolyzed wheat protein
- Honey extract (mel)
- Polysorbate 60
- PEG-150 stearate
- Steareth-20
- Behenalkonium chloride
- Cetyl alcohol
- Distearyldimonium chloride
- PEG-4 stearate
- Stearamidopropyl demethlamine lactate
- Dimethicone bisamino hydorxypropyl copolyol
- Imidazolidinyl urea
- Propylene glycol
- Hydroxyethylcellulose
- Parfum
- Tea-dodecylbenzenesulfonate
- Disodium edta,
- Lactic acid
- Methylparaben
- Propyl-paraben.
-Leia 2bNiii

John Frieda Miracle Masque Fortifying Hair Treatment

I give this product 5 stars!! It's really really good! It's perfect as a deep conditioner! I'm glad I picked it up!! It says to leave on for 1-3 minutes for deep conditioning, and up to 20 minutes for "restorative" conditioning. I didn't need to "restore," but I left it on for 20 minutes anyway. I rinsed it out and it left my hair so shiny and moisturized! It's one of those products that are so good, you can feel it in your hair even when it's wet! I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a good deep conditioner.
-Leia 2bNiii


J.F. Lazartique

J.F. Lazartique Pre-Shampoo Cream with Shea Butter

I don't know if this will be available where all of you are... maybe the ones in Europe will be able to get this! It's a French product and I buy it in London. It's a great deep conditioner that you apply to dry hair and leave in for 2 hours minimum before washing out. I think it's quite expensive... don't quite remember now... but it's worth it

- aqua (water)
- butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)
- triticum vulgare (wheat germ oil)
- cetrimonium chloride
- cetearyl alcohol
- ceteareth-33
- gylcerin
- diethylene tricaseinamide
- myreth-3 myristate
- cetyl alcohol
- petrolatum
- ppg-20 methylglucose
- ether
- parfum
- metylparaben
- propylparaben
- dehydroacetic acid
- hexamidine diise thionate
- 2-bromo-2 nitropropane-1,3 diol
- lactic acid
- tetrasodium edta
- daucus carota (carrot extract)

No 'cones as far as I can see!
-Leia 2bNiii




Mega Moisture Conditioner

I got some of this for a friend to use, and she allowed me to "steal" a few spoonsful to try. A few spoonsful will do a coupla deep treatments for the scant hair I have. I did one in a deep-treatment with my Microwave Hair Cap and my hair was slick as a WHISTLE afterwards.

They sell a (I think this is the proper quantity) 1-oz packet of it at Sally's for probably $2. I got the 16-oz tubs of it for $13ish? Something like that. The bigger tubs (they have 8oz, too, for $9ish) are definitely the way to go if you like it -- they're a WAY bigger bargain.

Anyhow, just wanted to pipe in that I tried it and I liked it, and myhair was soft and silky and shiny.....but wouldn't hold up in a bun worth a darn; it was just SO slick! A hairstick was USELESS after the MegaMoisture; I had to use a Ficcare that would PINCH and HOLD that hair in place!
Lisa Janey 2a-b/F/ii

I use it almost all of the time. I rarely take a break from this stuff and when I do, I can tell. I purchase mine at Sally's, but if you don't have a Sally's around you, just do a search for it online, because I know that there are places online that carry it too. The Loreal Mega Moisture is really great --- it does not build-up on my hair and provides great slip for getting out the tangles. You won't be sorry that you tried it!

I love it. Use it 2 times a month. Got it from Sally's Beauty Supply.


I like how rich Mega Moisture is and the scent is pleasant too. But unfortunately it leaves my hair looking lifeless and flat. Neutrogena's Triple Moisture, now that works great for me. Plus its more reasonably priced. Can't go wrong there!



L'Oreal Smooth Vive Conditioner

I have used the 3 products in this line for a month now, and I LOVE them! There are 3 products which include a shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. The conditioner works very well. It isn't greasy at all and it smoothes the frizzies. The leave in serum is liquid gold. It makes my daughter's extra tangly hair smooth and tangle free. The unique thing about these products is that they contain oils that nourish and condition your hair. My girls and I tend to have oily scalps, so I was nervous about trying these products, but I can say that I have never had oily feeling hair using these products and have had the smoothest prettiest hair of my life.
-Carrowayseed 1bNii

I give it a thumbs up!
-Roni 2b/3b


Lush American Cream Conditioner

I had heard a lot of great things about this conditioner before I used it, and had very high expectations. This conditioner is vanilla scented (LUSH describes it as a "sexy vanilla cocktail for your hair") and has a double-conditioning action. Whilst I had heard from others that LUSH conditioners don't do much more than soften water, I found AC to be very moisturizing. It was great fun to apply, the smell is gorgeous (if you are a vanilla lover!) The bottle doesn't specify how long to leave it on for, I left it on for about 2-3 minutes, but I imagine it would be nice left on for longer.

I was disappointed about two aspects of AC. Firstly the smell did not linger on my hair at all, as I was expecting it to. I'm not sure if this is just me though, as others have commented that they keep smelling of vanilla all day. Thus once it was washed out it didn't really have any extra benefits to a normal conditioner. Secondly, it is very pricey!! A small bottle cost me $10 Australian dollars, and I will only get a few applications out of it. I just didn't feel that the price was justified. I would not use this every wash.

Overall however I was very impressed with this conditioner, and will be keeping it for special occasions when I need a hair treat. It is a "pampering" product!

Ingredients: Honey Water (Mel, Aqua), Vanilla Pod Infusion (Vanilla plantifolia), Propylene Glycol, Fresh Oranges (Citrus dulcis), Cetearyl Alcohol (&) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fresh Strawberries (Fragaria vesca), Perfume, Lanolin, Cetrimonium Bromide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla plantifolia), Clary Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea), Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax benzoin).

I loved this. I felt exactly the same as Lucy, and the scent didn't linger for very long for me either, but I wash conditioners completely out. That reminds me, I should use this next wash, thanks Lucy!
-Leia 2bNiii

The AC is the first Lush conditioner that did any sort of conditioning for my hair. It's interesting the scent didn't linger for you. Maybe you rinsed too well? I always leave a little conditioner in my hair. If I "rinse well" as they tell you to do, all the benefits are also rinsed out and all I have in my hair is hard water and minerals. I personally think "rinse well" is for short-haired people only, so products don't weigh hair down. You're usually aiming for volume with hairstyles that are shoulder length or shorter. "Rinse well" can also be for those who have soft water and barely even need conditioner. Try leaving a little AC in or not rinsing it out completely.

I find that 2 tablespoons of AC are about right. I do a light pre-wash oiling using either the Lush Fever or King of Skin massage bars (solid oil/shea/cocoa butter products). I also use a little Shimmy Shimmy once my hair is dry. The SS smells almost exactly like the AC so it's the perfect companion to it if you love the scent of AC. The tiny twinkly pink-gold paper sparkles don't show in my hair color.

-Martine 2aFii

LUSH Arabian Bright Hair Moisturizer

This might be one of the best conditioners I have used so far! Unlike the other LUSH products, I didn't pick this one up because of the smell (in the pot it smells a bit weird, but in the hair it's magnificent!). I picked it up because it's meant to make your hair "shine like a glowing sunset." This is what real henna does for me (makes my hair shine reddish), and this product actually contains henna in it. This also made my hair shine red in the light, but a very subtle red.

I put this conditioner in my dry hair. Then I wet the scalp slightly after putting my hair into a bun (which held by itself) and applied the shampoo. I rinsed it all out. Because I didn't want to dampen out the wonderful smell, I used a conditioner which was mildly scented; John Frieda Frizz-Ease Glistening Creme Conditioner (http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/thread?forumid=235232&messageid=1060940551).

Overall, I give this conditioner 5 stars! It's not an everyday thing, though, because it's intensely moisturizing; I would only use it once a month or so.

Here are the ingredients if anyone is interested:
- Red Henna Infusion (Lawsonia inermis)
- Cetearyl Alcohol (&) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
- Olive Oil (Olea europaea)
- Frankincence Resinoid (Bosewelia carterii)
- Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia)
- Perfume
- Methylparaben
- Propylparaben

-Leia 2bNiii

If you are a warm person with warm undertones in your hair the Lush Arabian Bright henna treatment is an excellent choice for adding shine and very subtle reddish highlights. It also conditions the scalp as well and works great. Don't use it if you plan to hightlight or color your hair with artificial color.
-Goldenhair 1cNiii

Apparently they use SLS as an emulsifier. Too bad I'm allergic to it, as soon as I get it on my scalp it get the itchies. I had my worst experience with a hair product ever with Lush Arabian Bright. Really sore, tender scalp for days and massive shedding My hair liked it, but the risk is too high to use it and hope nothing would leak onto my scalp.

Oh how I whish they didn't use that one ingredient in all their conditioners, cause I love the scents and I'm pretty sure some of their products would work well for me.

-Madeleine 1cFi

I put this product on my a bit wet hair and leave it as long as I manage, more than 20 minutes. I have very dark hair, so I did not notice any red highlights. The smell in the box is scary, but once on the hair it is much better (but still a bit strong). Actually the smell stayed in my hair even after 2 or 3 washings. It leaves the hair very soft and silky.




Curl Life

I've got naturally curly, fine hair and I wasn't sure about shelling the money out on another product, but I am so glad that I gave this conditioner a try. It is really wonderful! It makes my hair feel really soft, but not weighed down and it seems to do a really good job at getting out the tangles while I am wet combing. Although this product is designed for someone with curly hair, I'm sure that anyone could use this conditioner and get good results. I will definitely be buying this product again.


I bought the sample pack for one of my curly hair adult students taking my jewelry class. She had been looking for new products and I conveniently provided some. So far, she really likes how it makes her hair work day to day. She doesn't get quite the look of really defined curls as seen on the marketing promotions, but is impressed how soft her hair is, like you KC, and moisturized as well.



Nature's Gate

Nature's Gate Awaphui Conditioner

Ingredients: Purified Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Chloride* (a Nitrogen based conditioner), Extracts Of Awapuhi, Cherry Bark, Chamomile, Birch, Goldenseal, Calendula, Hops, And Horsetail, Glycerin, Silk Amino Acids, Panthenol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolindinyl Urea, Fragrance.

This conditioner smells nice and clean and leave your hair feeling silky smooth!

-Fox 2cNii

Good stuff! I love it! I don't know what it is about Nature's Gate conditioners but there's something in them that makes my hair really feel good after it's dry. It's hard to explain... This conditioner has good slip without leaving my hair feeling heavy. When my hair is dry it feels thick, silky, shine is enhanced and it has nice weight to it. My hair lays nicely too, even if I haven't used a blow dryer and it feels moist without feeling heavy or coated.

I have used this for some time without any build up!


Nature's Gate Original Herbal Conditioner

I love the scent of this conditioner! It's really a nice, spicy scent. I would think that men would also enjoy the scent of this a lot. It's not just a "girl" scent.

The conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky smooth.

-Fox 2cNii

Nature's Gate Jojoba Conditioner


Barley water, stearalkonium chloride (a nitrogen-based conditioner), cetyl alcohol, keratin amino acids, jojoba oil, panthenol (provitamin b-5), ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), coffee and wild pansy extracts (natural sunscreens-anti uva and uvb), cystine, folic acid, niacin, methylparaben, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol, fragrance oil, beet extract, citric acid (derived from fruit extract), sodium chloride.

Good stuff!

Tried the Awapuhi conditioner too, love it!

Looks like the Jojoba conditioner will be another favorite. I'm not too crazy about the scent though, not that it doesn't smell good, it's just not a scent I'm head-over-heals for. The scent is sort of powdery, like baby powder. I washed my hair last night and my hair still smells nice. I think my cats like it, they keep sniffing my hair when I'm close. :)

I don't know what it is about Nature's Gate conditioners but there's something in them that makes my hair really feel good after it's dry. It's hard to explain...

Both the Awapuhi and the Jojoba have good slip without feeling heavy. When my hair is dry it feels thick, silky, shine is enhanced and it has nice weight to it. My hair lays nicely too, even if I haven't used a blow dryer and it feels moist without feeling heavy or coated. I was using the Awapuhi for some time without any build-up.







Phyto Citrus Mask

I recently colored my hair with Clariol Natural Instincts to brighten my fastly fading natural red hair. I used the whole tube of conditioner that comes with the color and left it on while I took a bath. The first wash after coloring (48 hours), was the Phytocitrus shampoo. Good shampoo for after color...at least for me didnt fade my red at all. I used the mask for at least 10-12 min....the jar says 2-5 depending on how porus your hair seems. It left my hair feeling soft and curls had good bounce. I wash everyday and i am using this duo ....about twice a week. i just leave the mask on 5 minutes now. I dont want to over due plus this stuff is great but alittle pricey. The other days I use Tigi Oatmeal & Honey shampoo and conitioner. Just thought I would share my experience.


The phyto citrus mask is a wonderful conditioner but expensive so I only buy it once a year and savor it.

-Goldenhair 1cNiii







Redken All Soft Addictive Hair Transformer

I was going to wait until I had used this stuff longer before I posted a review, but I am just so impressed with it's performance,
that I couldn't wait to tell you guys.

Directions: After shampooing, spray onto damp hair from roots to ends, rinse.

Description: Addictive hair transformer is a lightweight formula that uses breakthrough nano-emulsion technology to penetrate and soften dry hair. It delivers proteins, jojoba oil and avocado oil to provide instant smoothness and conditioning. Habit forming softness lasts up to five shampoos.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, jojoba oil, avocado
oil, cyclopentasiloxane, PEG-8, isostearate, behent-
rimonium chloride, trimethylsilylamodimethicone,
fragrance, C11-15 pareth-7, laureth-9, trideceth-12,
hydroxypropyltrimonium, hydrolyzed wheat protein and

I've used this product twice now and the change in my hair is quite startling. It is super shiny, soft and completely tangle-free. I am noticing a decrease in damage and splits that I am sure was due to detangling and knotting. This product reminds me somewhat of Kerastases Aqua Oleum, which also uses nano-emulsion, but it not nearly as heavy.

There are two 'cones in this product: cyclopentasiloxane & trimethylsilylamodimethicone, so if you are trying to go 'cone free,' this is not a product for you. As I've said before, my hair does better with light 'cones for the very reasons I've listed above.

This product has a pleasant scent that I can't place, other than to say it smells 'salony'. This product is seriously pricey at $14.95 for a 3.4 fl. oz. spray bottle, but after two uses, I haven't put a dent in it yet. So far, I my hair feels very clean, not weighed
down and just super shiny. Color me happy! Epinions on this product...

-Gold Lady 1bFii




Sellecca Shine Hair Spa Conditioner

Water; Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride; Behentrimonium Methosulfate; Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine; Soy Amino Acids; Soy Milk; Algae; Seaweed; Hydrolyzed Soy Protein; Panthenol; Tilia Tomentosa (Linden Blossom) Extract; Macrocystis Pyrifera (Sea Kelp) Extract; Macadamia Ternifolia (Macadamia) Seed Oil; Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui) Seed Extract; Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Extract; Sea Water; Chitosan; Phenoxyethanol; Ethylparaben; Propylparaben

Sellecca Conditioner at CVS
I have been using this in rotation for about 6 weeks or so, I guess. I really like it a lot. It makes your hair soft and super shiny
and does not weigh my 1A/B F ii hair down. My hair doesn't mind 'cones in moderation, but for those going 'cone-free, this is a good choice.

I've also tried this as a deep conditioner under a heat cap and it has worked well that way, too. The scent is sweet coconut...kind of reminds me of suntan lotion, but a little sweeter.

-Gold Lady 1bFii


Suave Natural Care Tropical Coconut Conditioner & Milk & Honey Conditioner

Got this a looong time ago. It sat in the cupboard until I ran out of good conditioner, then I decided to use it up. Works fine, nothing special. Has a strong coconut smell which dissapates rapidly in my hair, but makes the bathroom smell like a pina colada. On my ten least wanted list it has Propylene Glycol. It also has some other long names, but they aren't on my short list, so I don't know about them. It also has nettles, coconut extract, silk amino acids and rosemary. Says it "naturally moisturizes and replenishes dry or damaged hair.  While it works just fine, it's a bit light, I like it to mix with other things. I mixed it with my shea butter and it smells terrific.

Suave Naturals Milk & Honey with milk protein & honey extract

When I was hennaing my hair I realized I was probably going to run out of cheap conditioner, so I gave Kerry my list of no-nos and sent him off to the grocery store. He came back with the Milk and Honey conditioner. He knows how much I like Tanja's honey miracle goop. Again, propylene glycol was on the list, the rest of the stuff I have no idea what it is. But the non-scientific stuff is jojoba, Vitamin E Acetate, Aloe, honey extract (???) milk protein. Then we have a long list of big words.

I'd rinsed repeatedly with the Coconut conditioner and my hair still felt matted and waaay too clean, especially after the ACV rinse. I decided to try the milk and honey. First, it's waaay slicker than the other stuff on my wet hair. Just rubbing it between my fingers, they are about the same though. Milk and honey is a little slicker. The coconut seemed to wash out more thoughly while the milk & honey kept the slickness. I ended up using the milk and honey to condition my last rinse. My hair immediately stopped feeling like a coarse mat.

The Milk and Honey cost $1.19 at the grocery store, which is about the same we paid for the Coconut. I'll probably use the Coconut for washes and mixing and the Milk and Honey for conditioning. The fragarence on the Milk & Honey is light and slightly sweet. Once it's in my hair, even without being rinsed out, it just smells fresh and nice. The Coconut smell hangs around a lot longer, but isn't obnoxious. I just gooped a bunch of each on my hair and am letting it dry to see how they shape up.

All in all, for cheap conditioners I think they do thier jobs nicely.

-WildCatDancer 1b-1cFii (with a curl around hairline underneath)

Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner

This is one of my favorites. It's light and cleans well, perfect for CO wash. My hair feels nice and clean afterwards, but I always use at least one more conditioner afterwards, plus the jojoba.

It's a little thick, so I dilute it with water before using.





Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Conditioner

I use this conditioner in my routine. Even for CWC it works great... like the shampoo the smell took some getting use to...my hair loves it.
-Hairforever 2a/cFi

Better than the Lush American Cream is Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Treatment Conditioner. It will leave your hair shiny and healthy. It has a rich maple oatmeal smell and contains soy protein, wheat extract, patchouli oil,juniper, ylang ylang, jojoba oil, panthenol etc. It is a synthetic conditioner like American Cream but it gives better conditioning and shine with just as many great ingredients.


Treatment Caring Conditioner

If anyone has the chance to go to Bangkok, I would HIGHGLY recommend that you buy this conditioner. You will recognize it because it is in a beige tub with a brown top and says Treatment Caring Shiny & Tangle Free For Extra Beautiful Hair. I would have never picked it up because it doesn't even SAY it's a conditioner, but a friend recommended it.

I use this for one of the C's in my CWC ... I like to alternate between conditioners sometimes, but this one is a must-have. It comes in a 500 ml tub so it lasts for quite a while. It can be used as a normal conditioner or a deep conditioner, and works great both ways. It leaves hair soft, with no tangles, and very easy to comb through. This conditioner really works miracles. Oh and it smells GREAT!

- Cetyl Alcohol
- Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride,
- Protein
- Vitamin E
- Mineral oil
- Citric acid
- 5 bromo 5 nitro 1,
- 3 dioxan
- Dimethicone
- Fragrance
- Water

-Leia 2bNiii






White Rain

Extra Body Conditioner

Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Stearyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Ceteareth-20, Behenyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Citric Acid

I give this conditioner 9 out of 10.
I bought this conditioner because a lot of people were using it on another site and I didn't see any complaints. I use this conditioner for my CO washes. It does a nice job of cleaning and does rinse off nicely. To my knowledge it is Cone free. It has a product smell as in not fruity or exotic. Just a perfumy type but not strong. I am very glad I bought this. It was only 78 cents for a 33% more free bottle or 20 oz total. For the price this conditioner is definitely worth a try.

(Leave-In review)
I also made my own leave-in spray using a spray bottle filled almost all the way with water and then I gave a squirt of conditioner into it. I would however recommend not using that much. Only use a drop or two of conditioner and shake well. If you need more add more or you can add more water if needed. I don't mind that mine was a bit too much because even though I did get a bit of a coating, it still will rinse off easily in the shower unlike a Cone product.

-Robert (Purplebubba)

Ditto all that, and... I use it for CO washing and love it; it works better than any other conditioner I've tried for this, and I always am disappointed when I try something OTHER than White Rain Conditioner, Extra Body.

I will add that I do use a follow-up creme rinse when I CO with the WR, and that's Mastey's FreHair. It's been so long since I ONLY used WR, that I cannot remember how it does on its own.

VERY nice conditioner for COwashing, THE BEST in my opinion, and so cheap that it's definitely worth a try. The ONLY drawback is that some people do have trouble finding it in their local stores.


It's great! I have been using this product exclusively (except for Baking Soda occasionally) and it's working GREAT! I have been using it for about a week and a half.

-Alicia 2a/b F iii






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