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Abbreviations, Terms and Definitions
by D.A. Fox

Entering into the world of discussion boards can be like visiting a new country with a new language. Suddenly you are reading about GM's theory and using BBB's and don't forget your method of washing, CWC or CO? What products do you use to do this, AO, MM, GM? To help you understand what we're talking about, I'm going to share some standard message board abbreviations as well as some that are unique to long hair care. If you find I'm missing some... be sure to let me know and I'll add it to the list. Like all things tend to do, the abbreviated way of speaking tends to expand the longer we sit and discuss things. New abbreviations may be just a post away.

The abbreviations and terms will be separated into groups and categories to help you find things more easily. There is a lot to go over, so you might want to bookmark this to come back for future references.

Standard Message Board Abbreviations

These can often be found on discussion boards and internet communications regardless of topic.

RO or r/o: read on

NM: no message/ NFT: no further text/ NT: no text (this means that the entire message is contained in the title and there is no need to click to see the body of the post since it will be empty)

SM: see message

BTW: by the way

HTH: hope that helps/hope this helps

LOL: laughing out loud

ROFL: rolling on floor laughing

FYI: for your information

FWIW: for what it’s worth

DH (DD, DS): dear husband (dear daughter or dear son)

MIL: mother in law

YMMV: your mileage may vary

IMHO: in my humble opinion

WB: welcome back

TIA: Thanks in advance (for the help/information)

TTYL: Talk to you later

TMI: Too much information

Long Hair Board Abbreviations

DB: discussion board (also used as data base on other forums, but on our boards most often used as "discussion board(s)".

SBCC: Shea Butter Conditioning Cream - recipe can be found in the library under hair care recipes!

SS: Styling Station - Where you can request style instructions for specific styles and learn others styles already listed with step by step instructions.

SSC: Styling Station Central - An organized listing of styles with instructions.

SWSS: Spinning Wheel Swap Spot - place to swap or sell items you no longer want or use.

GG: Growth Gate - where you can record your length monthly and it will be linked to by the month.

LL: Loom Library - hair information resource which includes articles, interviews, and links.

HCB: Hair Care Board - Our Main Board is our hair care board

TLHL: The Long Hair Loom

TLHS: The Long Hair Site:

LHL: Long Hair Lovers (sometimes Long Hair Loom) Long hair lovers

LHC: Long Hair Community (sometimes long hair care)

HB: Hair Boutique

NC: Naturally Curly:

BBB or bbb: boar bristle brush

MP: Mason Pearson, maker of fine combs and brushes, the best of the best.

MP mixed: A mixed bristle brush of boar and nylon made by Mason Pearson

MP Pure: A pure BBB brush made from Mason Pearson

MP additional terms which might follow "MP": Popular, Handy, Junior, Pocket, Extra Large, Large... sizes of MP brushes. For more information please visit:

MM: Morrocco Method: A hair care line formulated by Anthony Morrocco.

AO: Aubrey Organics: (a hair and skin care line found at most health food stores or discounted online at places like:

AH: Aubrey Hampton, founder and creator of Aubrey Organics

GM: (Dr.) George Michael- GM products would refer to his hair care line. GM salon would refer to a salon where the concepts and teachings of George Michael are used. GM theory would refer to the teachings of George Michael.

S&D: Search and Destroy- a trimming term we use to search for split ends and "destroy them" by snipping them off. Sometimes called dusting (see terms and definitions)

S&C or s/c: shampoo and conditioner

CO: Conditioner Only - another washing method using only conditioner and no shampoo.

CWC: Condition-Wash-Condition- A method of hair cleansing that protects the length by putting conditioner on it first, before lathering the scalp with shampoo. Once rinsed, this is followed by a final conditioning rinse. This method was termed CWC by our own "Martine" which has helped so many understand this method of hair care. Other methods can be used and followed such as: RCWC which would be Rinse (as in vinegar or vinegar and oil rinse) Condition-Wash-Condition or CWCC Condition-Wash-Condition-Condition. It will be easy to understand these terms when they are used in the subject of washing your hair.

ACV: apple cider vinegar, This vinegar is most commonly used in hair care rinses for scalp health and rinsing of residue from hair length. White vinegar can also be used, especially for blondes wishes to keep their locks light and bright.

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO/CO: a mix of 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 50% Castor Oil

SAO: Sweet Almond Oil

EPO: evening primrose oil. A supplement taken to moisturize from the inside out. Others are: FSO - Flaxseed Oil, OFA - Omega Fatty Acids and Fish Oils.

EO's: essential oils. These concentrated, non-oily oils can be added to oils like jojoba for scalp massage. They can also be added to shampoo, conditioner, and vinegar rinses. For a list of EO's to use for certain hair conditions and for amounts to add to oils and s&c's visit here:(article not yet available)

3MM: Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

MT sticks: Maiden's Treasures hair sticks:

EP: Evita Peroni, a hair accessory line that makes less expensive Ficcare clones and other items.

FL: France Luxe, High end "made in France" hair accessories

BS: bra strap, referring to length of hair that reaches the bra strap.

CG: Curly Girl, usually in reference to the Curly Girl Handbook or routine of hair care by Lorraine Massey.

Lengths of hair

Hair is often visually measured by where it reaches the point on your body. We often refer to hair as being one of the following lengths:

Chin length: Just reaching the chin

Shoulder length: touching the shoulders

Collar bone length: touching the collar bone

Bra Strap length: length that reaches the bra strap

Waist length: when hair reaches the smallest part of your waist

Tail bone length: when hair reaches the end of your tail bone

Classic length: when hair reaches just below your rear end

Hip Length: when hair reaches your upper hips and is below Classic

Thigh length: when hair reaches your mid-thigh

Knee length, calf length, ankle length: when hair reaches this specific part of your body

Floor length: When hair length touches the floor (without bending over, of course!)

Hair Related Terms

Hemline: The ends of your hair.

Pre-Oiling/Pre-Conditioning: This is the term used for applying oils or conditioners before shampooing. Many leave these of for at least 30 minutes, while some find pre-oiling and immediate washing bring positive results.

Scalp Washing: a method of washing hair without wetting the entire length.

Monoi (oil): A form of coconut oil that has been infused with scents and floral properties.

Jojoba (oil): A wax-like oil often used in hair care and hair care lines because of it's close resemblance to hair sebum.

Henna: Used most often for adding color, shine, and increasing hair health. A natural product, chemical free.

Henna Glossing: A mix of henna and conditioner to apply "light" color while increasing shine and conditioning effects. Created and termed by "Valentina."

Cones: term for any silicone related ingredient you might find in hair or skin care. Ingredients most often end in c-o-n-e.

Cone-free: Products that contain no silicone related ingredients

Slip: A term for the silkiness of hair

Mega-Tek: Brand name and general term for a conditioner used in Equestrian care. Created originally for human hair care, and still used by humans for increased hair growth and health. Read my interview with the CEO:

Ficcare: A type of hair clamp, the top of it's line:

Fakkare: A Ficcare look alike of any brand

Slide: a hair accessory item that includes a stick which "slides" through a covering usually made of leather, cloth or metal.

Snood (pronounced- ood like food): Most often refers to a crocheted cloth hair covering. Can also refer to bun covers made of cloth or metal, but this is the not the traditional definition for snood.

Claw:- a hair clamp that resembles a bird claw.

Turbie Twist/ Aquis Towel: Ultra absorbing towels to help hair dry faster. Lisa Janey makes versions of this for sale:

Panty-hose bands: Hair bands made from cutting up laundered panty hose into 1/2 inch strips. They are used in place of regular rubber bands. They are snag free and hair friendly.

Splits: When an individual hair has spilt into two or more parts (sometimes resembling an upside down Y)

Breakage/white dots: White dots often represent the place where hair has ruptured and has broken or is about to break off, leaving a rough, split end.

Natural taper: The natural hair end that has never been trimmed or cut.

Natural V shape: When the ends of your hair create the shape of a V because your sides are shorter than the nape hair. Hair naturally grows in this shape, and trimming is required for other looks.

U shape: Shape of ends after trimming to resemble a U. George Michael favors this look because it gives movement to hair.

Blunt cut: Where the ends of the hair are trimmed into a neat, flat line.

Layers: When sections of hair are cut into layers which fall one upon the other from shortest to longest. According to George Michael, layers and bangs of any kind slows hair growth.

Bangs/Fringe/whispies: A small section of hair cut above your forehead so that hair gently falls on/toward your face, most often called bangs in the USA. Sections can also be cut around the hairline down the sides of your face as well, this is more often called fringe or whispies.

Halo effect: The little hairs that tend to pop up and frame your head, especially in humid weather.

Baby hairs: Refers to hair that is usually just starting to grow around the hair line, soft and sometimes "fuzzy" in appearance. This can also refer to shorter lengths of hair within your mane.

Feye's Method: A trimming method created by "Feye." Feye's Trimming Method website

Dusting: A method of trimming off splits only by twisting sections of hair and snipping splits that stick out. All that is left of the floor after a trimming method like this is such a small amount of hair that it looks like "dust."

Micro-trim: Taking off 1/8-1/4 inch off the ends of your hair.

Figure 8: Term used for a bun style that looks like the figure 8.

Tri-Coil : Term used for a bun that uses 3 coils side by side.

Fia's Hair Typing System: A system for clearer hair classification, most often used on the hair boards of TLHL, LHC and LHL.

In Closing

Learning is a daily process, and no one is expected to know everything at once! Questions on our boards are always welcome. Posters may point you to an article or interview that will help to answer your question, or give you more detailed information to help you understand what you've already read.

Detailed questions help us to help you more. Also, by introducing yourself and sharing some about your hair type and hair goals, we can better help you by giving appropriate hair care suggestions. Requests for good conditioners will bring a multitude of responses. However, requests for conditioners for fine hair will bring much different responses than a request for conditioners for thick hair. So please share with us some about your hair and be as specific as you can when asking questions.

Please read the Board Rules and be sure to abide by them. This helps to keep the Loom a happy, fun, and productive place to visit.

Please join in and come "grow" with us!


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