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Want to discuss hair care ideas? Need a question answered? Join in the fun of our discussion boards. In order to keep our boards operating in a manner that makes the Loom so special, please take a moment read, "The Rules".

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The Hair Care Board: We cover everything here concerning hair!

TLHL Model GoldenhairThe Styling Station: Long hair... it's anything but boring! Learn how to create some awesome hair styles with our step by step pictorial instructions!

TLHL Model ValerieThe Growth Gate: Need to "measure in" for the month? Can't remember what length you were at a few months ago? Find links for any given month here!

Spinning WheelThe Spinning Wheel Swap Spot: Do you have a product that just doesn't work for you? Here's the place to wheel and deal! Swap with others or sell your unwanted hair care or hair accessory items here!

The Princess Palace: A safe place for young girls to talk hair and style. Monitored closely by myself and some of the Mom's (also known as Queen's!) on the board. Membership must be approved before you can enter for security reasons. Please sign up through the prompts, or email me your Network54 login, as well as your birthdate and parent's name and email.

The Drawing Room: This is our off topic discussion board where you can discuss topics other than hair!

The Chat Parlor: Want to have some conversation? Feel free to schedule a chat date with other visitors or just pop in and see if anyone's there!

Discussion Board Index Menu: This link takes you to an index menu of our discussion boards and shows you the latest post in each one and who is visiting where!

TLHL Back-up boards: In case the discussion boards on Network54 go down for a day or more, this will be our back-up board where we can all meet to talk "hair!" You'll need to be a member of the TLHL Back Up Boards to post. Enter your email below to subscribe to the backup boards! You will have to be a member to post there!

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"The Rules"

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion! There are some rules we would like you to follow in order to keep things running smoothly and to avoid any hurt feelings.

Please take each post in the best light. It's hard to judge the tone of someone when it's in writing only. Always assume the best.

Be kind! Everyone has the right to their own opinion and may express it, as long as they do it kindly. There is a difference between disagreeing and arguing. You are free to disagree and present your view, you are not free to argue and ridicule anyone else! Any abusive, insulting, or inappropriate posts will be edited or deleted at our discretion.

Be respectful and considerate. Maintaining harmony is everyone's responsibility. If you feel offended by what someone has said to you, let them know and give them a chance to clarify what they said. You may simply have misunderstood their message. If you've offended someone, be willing to apologize if necessary to avoid conflict. Keep in mind that your posts are being read by others who are also influenced by your behavior. Set a good example. Personal and off-topic discussions should be taken off-board.

Do not post spam. This is not an advertising board. If you are a regular poster of our site, feel free to share about your hair related business on our main board. Links to your personal sites can be included in your signature. If you are not a regular poster, but feel your website or business would interest our visitors, please email The Loom for permission to post links and other information.

This is not a fetish site! This is not a dating service! This is a board for people of all ages. There will be no foul language or swearing here. As Grandma always said, "Only the unintelligent swear, because they can't think of anything else to say." Please post accordingly.

Please create a "login", which will give you an identity on the boards. If you choose not to create a login, we hope you will at least pick a name so we can identify you. It does not have to be your real name, it can be a nickname or something that is special to you. Anonymous posts are often overlooked, because the anonymous title has been used by people to stir up trouble. So, please pick a name! Having a login, assures us that it really is YOU posting, not just someone else using your name. If you don't, anyone can assume your name and no one would know the difference. Logins also give you the ability to create a signature that will automatically post with each post you write. Signatures can include hair typing information, product use, and pictures. This will save you a lot of time, add personality to your post, and add much to the over all board messages. There is some information here in the library to help you learn more about creating a login, realms, and how to post pictures. You can find that information here: How to create a REALM

IP addresses are not posted for the public to view due to some privacy concerns to our visitors. We have the ability to see all IP addresses should some problem arise. Violation of board rules or any other law will lead to warnings and ultimately being banned from our formats and possibly that of Network54.

Please keep on topic as much as possible. And most of all...have fun!

All rules are subject to change as needed.


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