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Martine's collection of "Sticks and Stones" Hairsticks

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Custom Hairstick and matching earrings order

I was home sick with the stomach flu on Wednesday feeling miserable and my sticks and earrings showed up!  Talk about a huge lift in the way I felt!  Could not have been better timing.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and creativity.  I am so pleased.  Today I have the top half of my hair up in a French/pony style with the daisy dangle set in with the matching earrings.  Fridays are relaxed days so I am wearing a denim jumper and the bottom half of my hair is down.  The jumper has tiny daisy-like flowers on it.  It is supposed to be 70+ degrees here today and our pear trees and daffodils are blooming.  I thought this set appropriate for the day. 

Thank you so much! 


Fox!  I got the hairsticks today.  They're absolutely gorgeous...even
prettier in person than they look in the pictures.  Thank you so much! 
I can't wait to wear them out.  I also can't wait to order more.  :-)

Much appreciation,


Hi, Fox!

I got your hair sticks today in the mail, and I love them!  I can't get over
how gorgeous the Vintage Springs are!  Those beads are beautiful.  And I
love the rose beads on the other ones, too!  You are so talented!

Thanks so much,




I just love my corian hair sticks, I haven't wore anything else since I got them.  They hold my hair just great and go in so easy. 


Kathy's Sticks


I wanted to let you know that my new hair sticks arrived and they are simply
stunning! I can't even decide which ones are my favorites because I love
them all. They are just so unique looking and I can't wait to experiment
with them. Thanks for getting them to me so quickly! {As to the earrings} OH MY GOSH!! Those are beautiful! I will definitely be able to wear them with some of my sticks.

 Thanks so much!




I got them!!  WOW are they beautiful or WHAT?  Thank you so much.

Sue Ellen


Hi, Fox!

The hair sticks arrived this afternoon, and I love them!  They are much
prettier in person than in the photos, especially the dogwood.  I can't
decide which pair to wear to church tomorrow morning!

Thanks so much,


Hi Fox,
Just wanted to let you know that the hairsticks arrived safely today and they are absolutely gorgeous! Just what I wanted - I couldn't be happier :) Thanks for all your hard work.  I can't believe how fast you shipped them too. I'm sure I will be back for more very soon. I'm hooked! We all know how much time and effort goes into caring for our long tresses but being able to wear beautiful sticks like these really makes it all worth while.
Many thanks,

Nicole's custom enameled Ketylo sticks

I got them!!  WOW are they beautiful or WHAT?  Thank
you so much.

-Sue Ellen


I got my hairsticks, Fox. They are beautiful. I have already worn the pearl pair, and received a compliment on them from ... Nora Roberts!!! She was at my favorite bookstore signing autographs last night. Fox, I'm sooo happy with them! [doing a happy dance] and they are just long enough too. I'll have to get some more >pant pant< !

Thank you soooo much,


Tessa's Princess Moul and Pearled Quartz sticks

I received the sticks yesterday.  I cannot believe they are already here!  Your pictures are very nice, but nothing compared to the real beauty of these sticks.  I am soooooo pleased!  They hold my hair beautifully and are so comfortable.  Thank you so much for all of your help and advice.  I'll be making another order this weekend!
Just letting you know, that I received my hairsticks yesterday. I am very pleased, thank you very much. Please, send me your hairsticks website.

Greetings from Victoria, Z. Haubert

Main Hairstick website is found here: Sticks and Stones


Oh Fox, they are here and they are beautiful!  Thank you sooo much!!!



My apologies for the delay. I did recieve your package, and the sticks are everything I imagined they would be, simply gorgeous. Thank you very much. I was quite busy in the last two weeks. I wore the E. and S. stick to an event and it was very successful. The other one is now featuring in my portfolio. Please, take a look!

Thanks for everything,

Oliya Owens wearing Amazing Amazon on Ketylo short stick


Just wanted to let you know I received the hairsticks and I LOVE them! They are so pretty. My little boy even likes them. LOL! So I guess I'll be ordering more in the future. Thanks you so much.



Heheh you're right - they turned out LOVELY on the bone sticks!!!  The
little leaves are just the coolest thing.  I have added it to my
gallery, along with a pic of me wearing them. 

Thanks so much for the beautiful work!


Khrome wearing "Pink Flowers" on black bone


Hi Fox!
My hair sticks have arrived! Thanks ever so much, they are gorgeous!!!! I'll
take a picture of me wearing them so you can see how great they look in my
hair and with my red glasses!!!! I love them!!!

Katrin (Goldberry)


Hi Fox! I just want to thank you for the beautiful hair sticks. I was going to wait until Christmas to give them to my daughter, but I couldn't wait. She just loves them!  You are so talented! I hope you have a blessed week! 


My hairsticks have arrived!!!  And, once again, I am amazed at how beautiful they are.  Photographs just can't do them justice...As a matter of fact, I am thinking your packages should bear a caveat on the outside... "WARNING...OPENER OF THIS PACKAGE COULD BE BLINDED BY THE BEAUTY OF CONTENTS".  Just a suggestion...I wouldn't want anything to happen to my supplier!!!  You are the BEST!!
Thank you...Thank you!!  Once again, a thrilled customer -Emily L
Hi Fox,
Received my hairsticks today and they are SOOOO PRETTY!! Thanks so much!!
I received the Amethyst Flame just now.  It is soooo very pretty.  Thank you so much.  First thing I had to do is put up hair!  I'm so excited it is so pretty.
Thanks again,

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Your gorgeous hair sticks came yesterday!
COMPLETELY and OUTSTANDINGLY gorgeous! I can't find more ways to say this!
I already told my husband that I'm going to put them in after a wash day and air drying, then I'm going to have him take a picture of them in! That will be my new siggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I have bookmarked your site for future purchases! :)


Thank you so much for the beautiful hair sticks!  They are awesome and look great in my hair!  And not only that, but it didn't take long at all to get them and that's a huge bonus. 
I'm so pleased I'll just have to buy some more I guess...  ;o)

That was so quick - they arrived Monday, so smoooooooooooooooth and gorgeous. Thanks for the great service as ever.


LongRed's "Infinity" sticks

The sticks are here! They got here yesterday but I didn't have the time to email and let you know. They are beautiful!  Everything I thought they would be and more.  Beautiful design. The wood ketylo sticks are wonderful!!!  So smooth. Thanks so much for them.  They are wonderful.


Omigosh they are beautiful!!  Thank you so much, especially for the
customizations.  I immediately took pictures when they arrived, and have
added them to my gallery.


Carlynn's "Queen Carlynn" custom design sticks

I purchased two sets of sticks from Fox, "Opulence" and "Golden dreams". Both are absolutely gorgeous. The wood was a bit darker than I expected, but that's actually a good thing, as it is quite close to my haircolor.

Fox provided excellent service, fast shipping, good prices, and the sticks were as expected based on the pictures she posted. I'm very very satisfied with my purchase, and wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. - Karen Lynn

I received the sticks today.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  So beautiful.  My daughter will get hers later.  I want to wait until a special time to give them to her...  maybe the last day of school or our first summer picnic...  she will really like them!  Now, perhaps, she will sit still long enough for me to style her hair.  Thank you!


Two pair of Skeeter's sticks

I have bought 1 pair of Fox's sticks, and she sent me another in a swap. The first pair she called "Princess Leia," and I must say it is really a fitting name! The sticks are beautiful and every time I wear them, I genuinely do feel like a princess. The wood is smooth and the sticks hold my hair more securely than any of my other hair toys! Every time I wear them, I get compliments. The toppers, which Fox puts together herself, are absolutely beautiful. She has a great sense of style and color, and always puts together the most wonderful combinations. I can *always* pick out a few on her page that I want, but unfortunately I can't always buy them!
The second pair that she sent me in a swap had beautiful vintage beads on them. I couldn't wait to try them out, and put them in my hair immediately. They were made of the same wood and had the same secure hold on my updo. I wore them to see my grandmother, and she loved them so much that she wanted them! She said that the beads reminded her of a pair of earrings she was given by her late husband, and she wanted to wear them together. When I taught her how to use the sticks, she was amazed at how secure they were, and how beautiful they looked in her updo. She couldn't believe the toppers were handmade, and she proudly wears the sticks whenever she wants a pretty, secure updo! -Leia 
My sticks came on Thursday and they are sooo pretty!  I wore the green
pair to work on Friday and, even though I've worn sticks before, that
was the first time that I'd gotten any compliments on a pair (and I got
several!).  Thank you so much! - Wild West Cats

Martine wearing custom made sticks by Fox

I received the sticks today.  They are beautiful!!  I love them.  I notice that the beads are loose enough to turn; is that how you usually make them?  I assume that they are secure even though they turn? They are so pretty.  I love the size of the stick part. 

I will definitely contact you again in the future for more sticks.  I love the Colonial Reflections.  I had them in my hair earlier today and they were great.  I also plan on telling my friends about your sticks.  Great job!! Thank you! -F. R.

Note from Fox: Beads do turn freely, unless specifically made not to turn. Turning allows light to sparkle through the beads. Beads are secured to the stick through the head pin, so beads can move, but are totally secure.

Jen W.'s collection of one pair and several single hairsticks by Fox

The hair sticks arrived this morning! Thank you very much, Fox, I love them! - Siren
Hi Fox,

The sticks arrived today and I love them!  Thank you for getting the hairsticks made up for me so fast, they are beautiful.  Thank you! - Countrymouse

Balleryna's sticks

Oh Fox, I LOVE THEM!  They came really fast and they are the perfect hair accessories.  I wear them regularly and they make me feel great.  I have gotten compliments!  Thanks again, and I'll keep looking at your hairsticks page. -Polyhex
They came...and oh, they're so beautiful, Fox! I love them. They work great in my hair, and it's nice to have a matching pair now for the styles that won't stay with just one stick. I'm wearing the pair today. All three of them are just lovely, and the colors complement so many of my clothes...*does a happy dance* Thank you!!

Carrawayseed's sticks

Thank you they are beautiful!!! I love them!!! I couldn't wait to put them in my hair. The only sad thing is that I can't see them behind my head!!! haha

Thank you Fox. 



The sticks are so much more beautiful than the pictures can convey!  I am so pleased with them and both colors are perfect for my hair.  Of course I have been wearing them nonstop since Friday when they got here, to many compliments I might add :)!  The Green Gable single is particularly exquisite! I feel even more excited about the next pair of sticks, because I already think they are so exciting :)! 


Siobhán's sticks

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Ambered Amethyst hairsticks. The stick length (5") is just perfect, and I love the pointed ends. They make inserting the stick so easy!
The sticks have a lovely "vintage" look to them - even my 17 year old son (who is not inclined to comment on "hair stuff"!) mentioned how pretty they were.
I will definitely be ordering again in the future.
It was a pleasure to do business with you.
Hi Fox, Just wanted to let you know that they got here safely and I love them. The rose quartz matches one of my sweaters perfectly and they hold my hair very securely. You do awesome work!

Maria's sticks

Dear Ms. Fox

My hairsticks arrived today, and I must say I am stunned.  On your website, the photographs are lovely, but the real hairsticks ('up close and personal') are nothing short of breathtaking.....I am absolutely THRILLED.... I read your note about occasional oiling to preserve the wood....What kind of oil do you recommend??  I  want to take good care of these little treasures...(and future treasures....you will be hearing from me again, I am sure)..Also, will it harm them to put up damp hair, or should I wait until dry? Thank you, thank you, thank you...I am dancing with glee.... 

Emily L.

Note from Fox: You can oil your sticks with any oil you would oil your hair with! Some find that using these sticks in damp hair works ok, but it is not something I recommend doing. If you do choose to do so, oil first. I will soon have some sticks available that will be perfectly safe for use in dripping wet hair! Check back in with us soon!

Emily L's sticks

Hi Fox!!
I received my beautiful hair sticks today. I love them!!! They are in my hair right now - my first time ever wearing hair sticks and I didn't even need to use other clips to hold my hair up. I'm so excited. Thank you so much. They are just perfect. I'll be back for more.

Thanks again, Tammy


Hi Fox,

I got the sticks in the mail today. They are gorgeous!

Nancy A.


Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you Fox. And that's not what I consider a delay. I'm impressed at how fast you do all this stuff! :-)

Thank you ever so much,

Emily L's Custom Crowned Ketylo hairsticks

THEY'RE HERE!!!  THEY'RE HERE!!!  And they are exquisite!!   I am so glad I relied on your selection of woods...They are so beautifully matched with the tops, AND I have a VARIETY of woods....You are THE GREATEST!!  Thank you so much for the free stick...it is gorgeous!!  My hairs are dancing in their follicles!!!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I have to run...I have a hot date with a mirror and a whole bunch of new treasures!

Your happy, happy customer...Emily L


Hi, I received the sticks...they are beautiful. Thanks!


Juliet's sticks


I got the hair sticks in the mail today.  They look wonderful!  I'm going to wear them when I go out today.  Thank you so very much!


M. Olsen's "Kiss from the Past" sticks

Hi, Got my hairsticks today. They're beautiful! Have so many styles to try now. Thanks a lot!  
M. Olsen
Hi Fox,
The hair sticks came last night - wow! They are so beautiful. Thank you so much for making them for me. I can't wait to wear them to work on Monday.


THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!! After school I ran over to the mailbox, hoping they'd be there but not really thinking they would be, and I opened it and freaked :-D!!!! They're amazing!! Thanks soo much! I'm so pleased (lol , as if you couldn't tell! They looked really small when I took them out, but they work great with room to spare! They hold AMAZINGLY! I LOVE them!! and I can't wait to someday soon get more!

- Curly Brunette


The hair sticks are beautiful. :)

- Chameleon Hair


Sticks are here, gorgeous! I'll be taking pics soon. Thank you!


My sticks came today!!!  I LOVE them!!! They are wonderful!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!! -Carrawayseed
Hi Fox, My hairsticks came today. They are beautiful and just what I'd hoped for. I haven't tired them in my hair yet, but as long as I can master them, I'm sure I'll be ordering more sticks from you in the future! Thanks again, Donell

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