tyles allery

Welcome to the hairstyles gallery! The idea of this gallery was suggested by Loom regular, Leia. In order to show how one style can look different on various hair types and length; one style is done by various participants, and shown here for your viewing pleasure. Please respect the copyrights of these photographs. Thank you! If you'd like to add a picture to any of these styles, please contact us for an email address where you can send in a picture of any styles listed here. New styles should be added monthly! Style instructions can be found in the Styling Station!

The Cinnamon Bun


Leia - length 30.2 inches


Mrs El


Fox -length 33.5 inches


Martine - length 38 inches


Shelly - length 30 inches




Tanja - 30.5 inches

Sweet Violet - 29.5 inches

Betty - 25.75 inches

Alicia - 27 inches

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