Hair Care Routines

Lady Lillith, Body's Beauty, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1864-1869

We hope you will enjoying reading the hair care routines of some of our wonderful visitors. If you would like to have your hair care routine added, please email your routine to me, and I'll be sure to include it!



Alva's Routine

I don't have a very interesting routine. I have found out what works best for my hair and that is simplicity. The less I do with it the better it behaves. I do a full wash every 4 to 5 days. I put conditioner on the length. For me personally it doesn't matter if it is conefree of contains cones. My hair type is 1c F ii. Circumference around 3 inches. I put shampoo on my scalp and wash it, let it work in for about 1 or 2 minutes, conditioner is still on the length. Then rinse the whole bunch of it till there are no bubbles to be seen in the water anymore. The temperature of the water is lukewarm. I don't like cold water, and it doesn't do anything for me, tested that in the past. I don't do CO because my scalp acts up and starts itching then. I switch between two shampoos every now and then, a natural one and Elvive anti breakage. The only poos my scalp can take. For now I do full washes, but I intend to do scalpwashes when it gets around 37 inches.

I let it airdry always, never use any heat tools. I sleep with a satin pillowcase, it leaves nearly no tangles in my hair. For detangling I use a widetooth, seamless comb. I have a brush of Mason Pearson that I use to brush my scalp with in the morning, I never brush my length. I comb a maximum of once a day, some days I just put it up and don't even comb or brush. Every now and then I use some jojoba oil on my length, about 4 times a month maximum, often less.

During the week I change between loose and up never any ponytails or braids. I am not good at braiding and a ponytail makes me feel like I am damaging it because it slides back and forth all the time. I use up and loose 50/50. It is important for me to have it loose because it makes me feel good, a bun I often wear at work and at home.

I have tested many products and did henna it some times too, but I was never satisfied. And it takes me too much work. Hopefully that laziness will give me beautiful long hair anyway.




Balleryna's Routine

Here's my latest and current regimen... I'm also including within it my vitamin schedule (which often changes) as well as my plan for daily exercise (also variable). My complete stash and product details are also given.

I wash every morning because I have the most energy then and my hair seems to love water.

A.M. Pre-Shower
I have hot water and a lemon slice with my multi-vitamin (if I'm taking it at that time) before getting out of bed. Then I sit up and drop my head to scalp massage as I always do in the mornings; starting at the back of my neck and ending with my sinuses. I do a ballet barre or at least port de bras as I can. When I feel well, I like to have a long walk.

I horn comb my scalp followed by a medicated scalp oil which is self-warming. I massage briskly for up to 5 minutes before I horn comb once again. I add a little more oil to sensitive areas, then there's a cooling spray that feels so fresh and clean.

I rinse first with hot water, scrubbing scalp as another massage. I select a shampoo and separate my hair down the middle so I'm washing in sections, kind of like 2 tails. I wash in 5 tiny lathers. I only need a dab of shampoo. I start by patting the shampoo all over my head then squishing suds into ends. Next I scrub scalp. I kinda fold the ends upward a couple times to shampoo, which prevents end tangling. Final shampoo, I wait 1 minute before rinsing each section thoroughly. Finally, I turn my back to the shower and drop my head to rinse nape well. This prevents matting for me.

I apply from the ends up, then I hit edges and twirly crown before massaging into scalp. I comb through, then detangle with comb under water spray. What I find helps a lot is if I go ahead and rinse in the shower, then ponytail or bun while still in the shower, barely blotting drips. I seem to have more control that way as my hair is curliest when dry, but straight when wet The conditioners are all very rich so a little goes a long way. I usually use a very moisturizing oil-free protein conditioner or a stimulating conditioner, which is my favorite.

Deep Conditioner
I deep treat weekly using an oil conditioner or the intensive treatment + stimulating conditioner. I do this 2 days in a row usually beginning by leaving it on overnight. I just wash in shower as usual, apply conditioner, then I rinse out in the sink after the shower.

If I want a special treat I apply the conditioner, then wrap my head in plastic followed by foil. It gets very warm. I leave it on for at least 20 minutes. This can even be left overnight. I would like to get a heat cap sometime but its not vital for me.

For my oil treatments I usually get a wet towel and cover my head with it and sit in the steam for a bit.

I only wrap in towel for a couple minutes and have a calcium soft chew. I detangle again if needed then comb smooth and retreat by applying a leave-in, usually a tsp. of one of my conditioners, and/or a dab of oil.

I tend to apply oils basically to seal in my conditioner after using it as a leave-in. Or sometimes I will use the oil overnight. But my favorite way to use oil is immediately after rinsing out conditioner. While hair is still wet, and before even toweling dry, I get about 2-3 drops of oil and smooth into my dry-prone areas - usually my ends and edges - then I rub my hands together and smooth from hairline to tip of my ponytail and fasten. After my hair is dry I may apply 1 more drop to my ends and edges.

By lunchtime I prefer to have taken daily vitamins. When well, I like to take a walk. Afterward I freshen up including cooling spray as necessary. I take the B-type vitamins (including biotin) with lunch.

P.M. Care
Often some time before dinner I spray with a conditioning water spray and rearrange my hair if necessary. This can sometimes be used throughout the day as well but since I typically wear some form of a bun I'm usually fine unless I, for some reason needed to re-style.

Bedtime Treatment
Before bed, I horn comb then I brush hair & scalp with a soft BBB just 4 times from side to side following each stroke with my hand to prevent static. I usually tend to horn comb my scalp one more time after that just because I like it so much.

I wet ends to form a wick then overnight condition. my ends with a layer of water or two as necessary. I rub my hands together to gather excess and apply that to edges and smooth my hands to gather a ponytail. Sometimes I seal that with a drop of oil. I secure ponytail scrunchie behind my ear THEN braid/twist to one side letting the braid hang toward the front of me to sleep. I take MSM and Silica for a pleasant rest.


Betty's Routine

Weekly Routine:

I Shampoo and Condition my hair everyday. I can however go without washing for one or two days if I have too. I just prefer to S&C everyday.

I Deep Condition every Sunday and Thursday nights. That may seem like a lot but I find that my color treated hair loves it.

Evening Routine:
Use my detangler comb to comb the oils through my hair. I may use a BBB if my hair is dry. I S&C then put my hair up in a towel to blot it. I mist with my detangler, add some oil to the ends, comb, then put up in a wet/damp bun using 2 small (2 inch) claw clips or a scrunchi bun. If I am using a leave in I will apply that right after my detangler.

Morning Routine:
I will take my hair down, mist with my own mixture, comb and maybe apply some more oils to the length and ends. I will then put my hair in a damp bun at the back of my head. I have been wearing French Braids. On the days I wear it down I will make sure to apply oil to the length and keep it misted damp. I do a scalp massage when I take my hair down in the morning. I use a plastic oval shampoo brush that fits in the palm of my hand.

I wear my hair up most of the time. I secure my updos using safe Elastics, Scrunchies, Bear Claws (all sizes) Hairsticks and Ficcares. If I want to style my hair for a special occasion, work or class I will use Sponge Rollers, Velvet coated Hot Rollers, and Wrap Snap and Go Rollers.



Chicoanna's Routine

I wash hair 2-3 times a week. I use the CWC method.

*Products used: I alternate between Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and white Camilia Shampoo and conditioners and Ida's shampoo bars. I like to thin down my shampoo with aloe or spring water.

Every other wash I will add 1:1 ratio of honey to my conditioner.

When washed I will comb it with a wide tooth seamless comb.

My hair is curly so I normally will use Aubrey Organics B-5 design gel or Morrocco Method Blood of the Dragon Gel. Both of these give me somewhat hold but not the crisp feeling, not to metion its not filled with chemicals. I also love to put aloe gel in my hair when its wet mixed with Jojaba oil.

I normally always oil the ends of my hair (they get really dry)and this helps them.

I love to wear it in a braid, bun, or down. It really depends on the days activities.

Because my hair is curly I try not to touch it too much (I know that is hard) but it causes mine to frizz. I don't use any kind of hot or cold appliance on my hair so it always has to air dry. I normally don't comb my hair after it is dry unless im doing a braid or a bun. At night I sleep on a satin pillowcase (this is a must for my hair) I could not believe the differance when I first tried one.I also either wear my hair in a bun or a braid to sleep in. When I want to preserve my curl for on the run second day hair I will put my hair up in a bun on top of my head. I don't do the bun real tight so my curl is still intacked in the morning.

In-between washes I use a spray mix of aloe vera gel, jojaba oil, and lavender EO (it smealls so good)! When I want my hair more straight I wet it and put it in a bun and let it air dry (when I take it out it has big waves)

Misc. stuff I do

I try to do a scalp message every other night for 10 to 15 minutes.(I try to avoid doing this on nights I want to preserve curl because of frizz. (If im going to be washing the next day I will mix a few drops of differant EO's with some aloe gel and message it into my scalp.

I don't exercise but I need to.

I don't take vitamins but I need to.

When I'm going somewhere special or im feeling up to it I will roll my wet gelled hair on sponge rollers and sleep in them. This makes each curl perfect (ha nellie olson curls) when morning comes I take them down, do a half french twist but leaving about 3 inches in length of curls, fasten it with bobby pins or a hair safe claw then flip the ends under and pin it when finished it looks like a big poof of curls on the back of my head.

Thats pretty much my routine for now.



Deanna's Routine

 -Any shampoo that is moisturizing
 - Suave coconut conditioner blended with olive oil
 - jojoba oil
 - Suave unscented hairspray
 - detangling comb
 - BBB
 - light mousse or gel
 - Garnier Fructis 3 minute masque

Basic routine:
1. Shampoo and condition daily
2. allow to air dry or blow dry on low
3. apply small amount of jojoba oil on the ends and on the length.
4. put up in a bun
5. take down in the morning, detangle, add extra jojoba oil if needed, spray with water and scrunch with small amount of gel or mousse OR put back into an updo and tame the top and front with a little hair spray.

 Deep condition with 3 minute mask.

 Seek split ends and destroy.

 Try to work with what I have and not fret!




Farmer_Burgess' Routine

C-W-C every three days (in the morning) with Herbal Essences Body Envy S&C -- shampoo diluted down with water at 1 part shampoo to 3 parts water

Every other shampoo ACV rinse diluted down with water at 1 part vinegar to 6 parts water (roughly) -- in between shampoo and final conditioner step

Wrap hair in towel for 1/2 hour, then finger rake and oil ends with jojoba and sweet orange EO. Follow with wide-tooth rubber comb

Detangle with wooden comb and follow with BBB (for shine and to distribute oils) before bed and first thing in morning -- including before shampooing, to make detangling easier afterward

Wear hair up almost 85% of the time during the day, down almost 99% of the time at night

Scalp massage the night before shampoo day (I try to do it more often, but I find it makes my hair a little too oily if it's a non-shampoo day the next day)

-farmer_burgess 1c/ii/M


Fia's Routine

I'm using George Michael products exclusively. My staples are:

- Cream Shampoo
- Cream Rinse
- 60-second conditioner
- 12-minute conditioner

Grooming tools used are:

- Kent Boar Bristle Brush on a wooden base (don't remember the model)
- Kent 9T seamless comb - one side wide teeth, one side fine teeth

I've found a routine that works well and doesn't take a lot of time. It's also fairly simple, both in the products used and that I don't do much with my hair. I've found that the less I fuss with it - the better it responds. A normal day I spend only about 10-15 minutes on my hair. Then there's Sundays when I do a full wash which takes a little more time. Also the days when I refresh my henna - but those are usually planned in advance.

- Clip up sleeping braid to keep it out of water for morning shower

- Unfasten braid after shower. De-tangle with fingers and comb.

- 100 brush strokes standing up and with hair pulled over one shoulder so it's in front of me, switching sides as necessary to get to it all.

- Put into daily updo

- Take out of daily updo (sometimes earlier during the evening)

- De-tangle with fingers and comb

- Braid for the night

- Full wash (entire hair)

- De-tangle before shower and keep hair aligned along the back for initial wet down. I bring it forward across one shoulder to apply shampoo or conditioner to the length, but always rinse with it hanging down the back

- Two sudsings GM Cream Shampoo. First - a dime sized blob lathered between palms and patted over the scalp area, "squished" through the wet length. Second - a smaller blob lathered between palms, patted over the scalp area and a good scalp massage, only rinsed through the length as I rinse it out.

- Conditioner - four week rolling schedule (60-sec, 60-sec, 60-sec, 12-min and then start all over again). Only applied from ears and down.

- Diluted GM Cream Rinse (a generous squirt in about 500 ml cool water) poured over scalp and length to close the cuticle, immediately rinsed out with clean water

- Bring it forward across one shoulder and gently squeeze out excess water

- Soak up as much water as possible with towel

- Twist hair from nape of neck and lay over the head. Wrap in towel for
a short while.

- De-tangle with fingers and comb

- Air dry with hair loose (about two-three hours - that's why I do this
on a Sunday)

- Small amount 12-minute conditioner (about a quarter to half a
fingernail full) as leave-in on dry hair

- Scalp wash

- De-tangle and tie off hair in low braid at nape of neck.

- Wash under kitchen faucet, wetting and washing only the top part of the scalp - more or less the area that would go under a hat. Some water will seep down towards the nape and the hair to about shoulder level will be slightly moist as water wicks down the length.

- Two sudsings GM Cream Shampoo

- No conditioner or rinse

- Squeeze out excess water over sink

- Soak up as much water as possible with towel

- Undo braid and de-tangle with fingers and comb

- Re-braid and let scalp air dry before going to bed (braid is usually damp then, but dry the next morning)

- Henna treatment to refresh the color.

- Usually done on a Sunday before the weekly full wash as this is the
most convenient.

- Split ends snipping and dusting trim with my local GM-stylist.

Fox's Routine


I take Puritan's Pride "Green Source" as my main multivitamin and mineral supplement. It is something I always take everyday. When I can afford to, I like to add additional amino acids, oils like Flaxseed and Fish, and biotin.


I try to exercise 4-5 days a week. I like to do an aerobic workout for at least 20-45 minutes depending on my schedule for the day. Exercise increases blood flow, so it's not only great for us physically, but it's great for the roots of your hair since they love great blood flow! I usually secure my hair by bunning it and securing with a hairstick, or doing a messy French Twist and securing with a large claw clip.


I wash anywhere between 3-5 times a week, again depending on my schedule and planned activities. I use the CWC washing method, meaning that I rarely ever use shampoo on my length. I wash my hair in the shower, wetting my hair, applying conditioner to the length, then shampooing the scalp. Since I love using Aubrey Organic shampoos, I most often dilute them with a bit of water in an empty shampoo bottle. I shake gently, then aim the bottle nozzle close to my scalp and massage in as I apply it here and there until my scalp is all lathered up. I hold my hair length out to one side and rinse my scalp only, then will do a second lathering the same way, if needed. Again, holding the hair to the side, I rinse out the shampoo, then rinse my whole head.

Vinegar Rinse:

I don't use a vinegar rinse every single time I wash, but I do use it often. I mix my vinegar and essential oils together and store it in an old glass milk bottle. I dilute about 1/4 cup of that with 2-4 cups of water, then pour it over my head after my shampoo has been rinsed out.


I follow my vinegar rinse by applying conditioner mainly to my length. Sometimes I will smooth a bit of conditioner over the upper mantle of my hair as well. I allow the conditioner to stay on my hair the rest of the time I am in the shower, then rinse just before I get out. Sometimes I take a small amount of conditioner after that, and apply it to soaking wet hair, and leave it in.


I gently squeeze out excess water, then wrap my hair in a Turbie Twist or other absorbent hair towel. I let my hair stay up in the towel between 5-10 minutes. I let my hair out of the towel and then finger comb or leave as is. My hair doesn't tangle much, so I don't have to worry about detangling. I allow my hair to air dry naturally.


I often oil while hair is still damp. I put a few drops of oil in my palms, then rub my palms together to distribute the oils evenly there before applying to my hair. I then finger comb my hair first, focusing on the lower length. Once that is done I place sections of my hair between my palms, just below shoulder level, then gently pressing my palms together, slide my hands down the remaining length of my hair. If more oil is needed, I add a few more drops and then do the remaining sections.

In the morning, or sometimes late afternoon, if I notice my hair seems a bit frizzy or just like it needs some pep, I will dampen my hands with water and use the same process I use when oiling to dampen my hair. I then follow with a bit more oil or Shea Butter Conditioning Cream.

Deep Conditioning:

I like to deep condition once a week, but often find myself doing it every 2 weeks, mostly out of lack of planning and getting too busy to get out the heating cap! Shame on me!


I enjoy using henna and have used it about once every 3 months. This last time I used pure henna and result was a very rich red that looks like it will last a lot longer than 3 months. I will just be touching up my roots for awhile now to keep things even while the color fades month by month on the length.

Scalp Massage:

I try to scalp massage at least for a few minutes each night. It's a soothing way to end the day.

Brushing and Combing:

I like to use my Mason Pearson Popular or Madora pure BB brushes to brush my hair at night. Depending on how my length condition is, I might just focus my brushing on my scalp, with only a single brush stroke down the length. Brushing can be great scalp stimulation as well, as can using a horn comb. I use my horn comb for scalp stimulation, while saving my Mason Pearson Rake for styling.

Before Bed:

Before I go to bed, I do like to brush through or at least comb through my hair to ensure there are no tangles or snares there. If I have not oiled yet, I will add a bit of that, then either braid my hair into a single braid, or put it up into two bee butt buns for bun waves. My standard bed time style is the braid, simple but secure. I do not usually secure the end of my braid with anything. It tends to stay braided well enough for sleeping.

Morning Preparations:

My hair really couldn't be any easier. I just take it out of the braid or buns, finger comb, or use my rake to comb through, add oil or leave in conditioner if needed to the ends, and style. I either will put it up in a bun, braid it, or leave it loose. It takes all of a few minutes...literally! I know I spend less time overall on my hair than those with shorter styles. Saving time on getting ready, has just been one of the great benefits of growing my hair longer!


Summer-time addition:

Due to the extreme dry heat this summer, I have changed my routine a little bit. On days I would not normally wash, I am still wetting the length of my hair from the neck down. I do it in the shower, allowing the spray to hit at neck level and soak the length of my hair. I then put some conditioner on it while I finish showering, and rinse before getting out. After my hair has come out of the towel, I apply a small amount of oil followed by my Shea Butter Conditioning Cream. This has really helped my ends, which were drying out. Special thanks to Leia and Avrilon for their recommendation of the oil and SBCC combination!

-Fox 2b/cMii


Goldenhair's Routine

Products that I find the best for me are the following:
Phyto line
Bed Head line. Sold in Salons and select beauty supply stores.
Got 2 Be. Sold in any grocery store.
Avalon Organics. Sold in nutrition stores.

I wash my hair every other day. I like to use Phyto Brush shampoo or the Avalon Organics new Aloe Vera Jojoba fragrance free line (I add my own scents of EO's to this). I thoroughly wet my hair and use a small amount of shampoo on my scalp only then rinse and sometimes repeat. I then use a good conditioner on the length like the Phyto Citrus Mask, Got2Be reconstructor, or the Avalon Organics unscented conditioner. After I condition and rinse I put the tub water on cold and rinse the length of my hair in cold water. I use a high quality water absorbing towel to hold my hair up while I go about getting ready for the day. After 20-30 minutes I take my hair out of the towel and add some Phyto Phytodéfrisant serum which is packed with good stuff and no silicone

I try to only blow dry my hair two days a week on low and let my hair air dry on the other days. On special days when going out or when the air is very humid I will use a flat iron on the front hair after having applied heat protective spray like Bed Head Fashionista or Infusium.

Combing and Brushing
While in the shower I will put conditioner on and use a special very large wide tooth comb and comb the conditioner through the length. After the hair is towel dried a bit I use a large pick comb to get the tangles out. If there are lots of tangles I add Phytolisse ultra shine smoothing serum.

Special Treatments
Twice a week before washing my hair I will apply my own oil mix of 1/2 jojoba oil 1/2 Safflower oil and a drop each of Rosemary, Blue Chamomile, Chamomile, Juniper, Lavender oil, and Cedar wood oil. I smooth the oil onto the hair and gently brush it through with an anti static vent brush that I bought from Sally Beauty Supply store. I then plate my hair into two braids for the night.
I also make my own clarifying mix of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 chamomile tea which I use as a rinse before I apply any conditioner. I use this once or twice a week. It also makes my scalp feel good especially if the mix has been refrigerated.

Vitamins and Exercise
I have started taking a good multi vitamin with minerals in it and 5mg of Biotin everyday to help improve my skin and nails. I recently joined a gym and run 25 minutes a day and lift weights every other day. I eat a well balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and meats. I also drink lots of milk.

1c N iii






Josie's Routine

My routine isn't elaborate in the least:

I wash my hair daily with luke warm water with it laying flat against my back. As of late I have had wonderful results with Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo. I work it into a generous lather on my scalp and squeeze it down the length of my hair, allowing it to sink into the follicles. Tea Tree Oil is incredibly invigorating. In less than a minute of massaging the scalp your entire head erupts with a cool and extremely tingly sensation. Wow! I let that work its mojo for a while before rinsing it thoroughly. The shampoo is full of all sorts of wonderful ingredients, including jojoba and aloe vera. I literally have not had to follow up with a second conditioner, but will purchase the one offered with the shampoo just to keep the hair nourished.

After washing it, I will wrap my entire hair length into a towel turban and let it soak up the excess moisture. When I am done, I part my hair down the middle with a wide toothed seamless comb and detangle it gently from the ends on up. Once that's over and done with, I work Got2b Kinky mousse or Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream into the length to help enhance and defrizz the natural curl in my hair. ONLY AIR-DRY!

From there, the options are endless - As this site taught me.


Jules' Routine

This is my routine for my hair (type 1c/M/ii) that has slowly evolved since I found the Loom:

I usually do a CWC (Condition-Wash-Condition) Saturday evening and Wednesday morning and a Scalp Wash Monday and Friday mornings. I try to use shampoos and conditioners made from natural ingredients. Favourites are "Organic Formulations" and "Australian Organics" but this depends on availability.

I dilute my shampoo with a herbal tea usually 1:4 and most times mix my second conditioner (in the CWC routine) 1:1 with honey. I find this makes my hair soft and shiny.

I finish up with an ACV rinse (usually infused with herbs) then a cold rinse. I use a wide toothed wooden comb to detangle then air dry. Often I will damp-bun as well to keep the moisture in.

Once or twice a month I will let the conditioner sit on my hair for up to an hour before rinsing it out. I also like to smother my hair with conditioner or oil when I'm going to be outside for any length of time and I feel it needs protecting (e.g. at the beach).

I use a natural boar bristle brush - though not every day - just when I feel my hair needs it. I usually wear my hair confined for sleeping: bun, braids, or rope braid. Most nights I will oil with sweet almond oil.

I rarely wear my hair out, prefering braids or buns, and try to use hair-friendly ties and accessories. Often I will use a mix of almond, coconut, and olive oil (1:1:1) to keep my ends moisturised. I also use this or grapeseed oil as a leave-in after washing.

I usually avoid products containing cones, but since my hair seems to benefit from protein I will occasionally treat it to a protein treatment using either a commercial protein conditioner or a concoction made from egg, honey and olive oil.

About once a month I will search out and destroy (remove) any split ends that I can find. When my hair needs a trim I prefer for my husband to cut it for me as he never cuts too much! However, I don't trust him to trim my fringe (bangs), prefering to do that myself!


Kristy's Routine

I've changed a lot in my routine but basically here it is:

CWC once a week with C.O.N. red formula, and Suave naturals
Suave Humectant conditioner (something I'm trying out)
CO 2-3 times a week with White Rain Extra Body or Suave naturals
Leave-ins: aloe, Aura Glow oil
Deep conditioning treatments every 1-2 weeks, currently using suave naturals + oil + shea butter (<--thanks, Kara!)

Getting my shampooing down to once a week has really helped the dryness factor and I think CON has also helped my frizziness. Yay for creme of nature! LoL I've also been using a baking soda rinse once in awhile too.

Too cut a long story short - my hair is really starting to get healthier thanks to (the Loom, of course!) and some choices I've made in my routine and product selection..some choices have been hard to handle such as cutting down on shampooing and not combing when wet, etc etc...but well worth it!



Leia's Routine

I wash usually once a week, mostly for convenience. Usually when I do wash, I leave something in my hair for an extended period of time, be it oil, product, or herbs.

Recently I have been using less and less products. When I want to scalp wash, I will use one of my Lush solid shampoos (Trichomania, Karma Komba, Stimulating Spice, or Dr. Peppermint) or my Timotei "Refreshing Cucumber" shampoo. I have used "Caring" conditioner for more than 2 years now; it is a product that never fails to condition and perfectly detangle my hair. It is good for deep conditioning or normal conditioning. Though I don't use it much anymore, it is one of my favorite conditioners. Unfortunately, it is not available anywhere but Bangkok.

I use Indian herbs to cleanse and condition my hair. Most of the time I will make a paste out of the herbs of my choice and leave it on my hair for at least 30 minutes. Read more about that here.

I use a wide-toothed comb for detangling and styling purposes. I found that using brushes only hurt my hair. Occasionally I will use an MP BBB to brush my scalp.

I use Fox's Shea Butter Conditioning Cream. You can find the recipe here. Choose "S" for Shea Butter. I do not use the exact same ingredients, however. I use a mixture of 10% shea butter, Caring conditioner, and olive oil.

I find oiling my hair is one of the most beneficial things I can do. I use olive oil and massage it into my scalp first, then squeeze it onto my length. I prefer washing it out with herbs, but I have in the past used CWC and S+C methods to remove the oil.

I trim as often as needed according to the Morrocco Method trim dates, found here. Lunar Trim Dates
I use Feye's method for trimming your own hair: Feye's Trimming Method

I will usually style my hair in a bun every day (sometimes with variations such as the figure 8) with various accessories. I do this because it is the quickest and easiest style that I can do in the mornings, lasts all day, and keeps my hair out of my face. For special occasions, I do more dressy updos and will leave my hair down if it's slightly less formal. I love styling my hair in curls which I do using sponge rollers.

At my last measure in, I was at 30.4", and more than two weeks have now passed. According to my normal growth rate (which averages 0.6-1.0" per month), my hair should be at around 30.7" now, but I am not quite sure. I am adding this information in here so that those reading this can have an idea of how long my hair was when I had this routine.



Maria's Routine

My routine is pretty simple: I scalp wash every to every second day and CWC once a week using deep conditioner for the second C.For the scalp washings I use Chagrin Valley shampoo bars and for CWC Dermanord shampoo and cone free conditioner/deep conditioner.I always finish my washing with an ACV rince and a cold water rince.I oil with jojoba when needed and spritz with a water-aloe-jojoba leave-in nearly every day.

I try to snip of split end when I see them and do a S&D once a month.

-Maria 1a/bFi/ii












Schnauzer Mom's Routine

I CWC (condition, wash, condition) every 2 to 3 days.  I finish up with a cold water rinse (better than caffiene to wake me up!)  I wash in the morning.  Right now I'm using regular VO5 shampoo and White Rain Conditioner with extra body.  I've tried JASON organic with jojoba but I'm not impressed with it.  I don't brush I only use a wide tooth comb.  I put it up at work and take it down at home.


Shelly's Routine


I take the bun out, detangle and put it back up.

I do minor search and destroy missions on a daily basis.


About every 2 to 3 days I CO wash or whenever my hair starts feeling dry and I feel it is needed.

I deep condition about once a week.

I try to alternate between dustings and search and destroy missions every other week if time permits. There are those weeks that I only have time for a minor search and destroy which is the least effective method but it does get rid of a minority of the damage. If I have a little more time than that, I will dust and if I have a lot more time, I will do a major search and destroy mission.


I do egg treatments. I use about 3 to 5 eggs and put them in my hair for about 30 minutes to an hour. This is the only time I use shampoo unless something happens that my hair gets really oily at other times.


2004: I trimmed the first 2 months of this year and I will trim 1 more time for the year in August.

2005: I will trim every month until I have an all one length blunt cut. Once I have achieved this, I will only trim when I absolutely have to.


Stella Blue's Routine

I CWC every two or three days. I use natural shampoos and conditioners: Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta shampoo and conditioner (for all German loomies: I receive it from here: Mega Vital Shop) and for rotation: Aloe Vera shampoo (it's a German product and contains 60 % Aloe Vera, no SLS) and "Neobio" conditioner (in Germany receivable in every health food shop)

As long as my hair is wet I don't detangle. I let it hang down while drying, sometimes I braid, so I get beautiful waves. When my hair is dry I use a wide toothed plastic comb, sometimes a wide seamless brush (when I don't have much time). I have a BBB in my cupboard, but I don't use it very often.

One day before washing I put Jojoba oil or shea butter to the ends. I sleep on a satin pillow and braid my hair before going to bed.

I henna my hair every month (well, sometimes every two months, when I defer it too long) The henna I use is from "Spinnrad", also a German product. I mix it with hot water, nothing else. Lemon juice makes my hair dry.

Every two months I cut - just a bit - to get rid of the split ends.

A balanced diet is also important for the hair - as we all know I try to eat much fresh fruit and vegetables and not so much sweets Altogether my opinion is: What's whetting your appetite mostly is what your body needs (if it's not only chocolate :-) )

Stella Blue 1bNi


Suzy's Routine

I CO wash on Monday night, Thursday morning, Saturday morning/afternoon, and Sunday morning. I switch around among several brands of conditioner (Suave, White Rain, VO5, and occasionally a more expensive, organic conditioner like Shikai or Nature's Gate).

I wash my scalp thoroughly with a lot of plain conditioner, then I add a few drops of EVOO to the conditioner I use on my length. I tie it up in a loose knot while I finish my shower. Then I rinse in warm water first, then cold water (if I know I'm going to be spending time in the sun, I'll add a splash of lemon juice to the cold water). Then a gentle towel-drying, and then usually oil of some type (usually Dabur Amla, Dabur Jasmine, or Aura Glow with EOs added). If my hair really needs a boost, I make the Glossing Gel (recipe on the board) with aloe gel and oil and EO if needed. Whichever I use, I always apply to the ends first, and work my way up the length.

If I need it throughout the day, I have a spritz bottle with distilled water, aloe gel, and EOs to perk my hair up. I will also, on rare occasion, oil my hair dry.

I usually wear a bun (with hairsticks) to work, but will occasionally do a French braid or ponytail (if my hair isn't too wet). I alternate sleeping in a high bun, sleep tail, or braid. If my hair is dry when I go to bed (i.e., I washed it that morning), I'll add a heavy leave-in conditioner or oil to the ends.

-Suzy 1cFi















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