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Bedtime and shedding rates?

Hair Care Routines and Favorite Products...

Has your long hair helped you in your dating life and relationships?

Height and Length poll

How do you sleep with wet hair?

How do you wash your hair?

How do you wear your hair on special occasions?

How did you find the internet world of long hair?

How did you wear your hair for your Drivers License/ID Picture?

How many of you use a blow dryer?

How tall are most of you?

Looking for inspiration...

Nightly Routine - What's yours?

Pros and Cons of Your Hair Type?

To brush or not to brush?

What Are The Best Things You've Done For Your Hair?

What is your hair type?

What Kind of a Hair Grower Are You?

Who dusts, trims, or cuts your hair?

When it comes to 'cones' I....

What was the first bad hair habit you gave up when you began to grow you hair long?

What were your hair mistakes?

What shampoo do you use?


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Calling all Bun Experts

Damp Bunning: My personal saga continues

Getting to know you... share something about yourself so we can know you better!

Getting to know you, part 2

Holding on to long hair

How do I change the link colors?

If I had really, really, long hair ( a story thread) - Add your lines to the story, without commenting on someone else's post.

Karen Ribble of Braided Image Hair Braiding Q & A thread

Modern Expectations

Swimming Hair Care Tips

Thoughts on washing: Damaging or not?

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