I'm new, where do I start?

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In the beginning...

Beginning a long hair journey is like entering a whole, new world! There are terms and definitions you've probably never heard of before. On the discussion boards there are abbreviated words that sound like code to the uninformed. Never fear, it will all make sense! Don't be intimidated! We all were once beginners too. Feel free to ask all the questions you'd like. There are no "dumb questions" here. It's only smart to ask about things you aren't sure of! We are all more than happy to be able to help you learn more about hair care!

While there are plenty of articles and interview in the library to keep you informed and interested, there are articles targeted to help you get a great start in hair care. By following these easy steps, you will be able to learn all the basics needed to help yourself and us to help you!

Step 1: The first thing you'll want to do is learn what your hair type is. Fia's Hair Typing System was created by Loom visitor Fia, to help give us better classifications of different hair types. While no typing system can truly cover everything, you should be able to find your basic hair type using Fia's guide. Most of us posting on the hair care discussion board, sign off on our posts with hair type and length information, so write down your hair typing information before you move on to the next step. Your hair type may look like this 2bMii or 1cFi.

Step 2: There are actually several ways to measure your hair, but on most hair related sites, hair is measured from the hairline to tips. Each month we have a "measure in" time where we all record our growth for that month. Links to these threads are saved and stored in the Growth Gate allowing you to find your growth for any particular month starting from the time you first "measure in" with us! Some measure in every month, while others measure in every 3 months. For those who are not measuring length every month, they can still measure in on their hair activities and hair health.

The How To Measure Your Hair article gives you detailed information, as well as pictures, on how to properly measure your hair. Be sure to record your growth! Now that you are starting your growth chart, your basic starting number will be the length where you are at currently, which we call the beginning number. Next month you will be able to add a new number to your information... where you are now! You can also add your goal length. For example, if you are at 15 inches now, and next month you are at 15.5, and your goal is 30 inches, your growth signature will be as follows: 15/15.5/30. You can change your center number each month, or every 3 months. Whatever measuring cycle you'd like to do, is fine by us!

Step 3: Abbreviations, Terms and Definitions will help you understand all this "hair talk!" If we really do seem to talk in code, then this is the code breaker article! Read up! You'll learn so much on what we mean when we say, "Do all of you who do CWC also use BBB's?"

Step 4: To blow dry or not to blow dry... that is the question! Ever wonder what's really best for hair that's growing out? Short hair care is totally different than long hair care. The styling damage done on short hair is usually trimmed off every 4 to 6 weeks, leaving you none the wiser! However, when you're trying to grow your hair out, trimming every 4 weeks will keep you from making any gains on your growing out process. Avoiding damage is key in reaching longer lengths. Long Hair Do's and Don'ts will help you learn what to do and what to avoid to have healthy long hair.

Step 5: If you want to start posting on our discussion boards you may find the following articles helpful!

How Do I Become a Member of the Loom?

How Do I Create a Realm?

How Do I Create a Signature?

Step 6: Now that you are well on your way to understanding what we're all about, please enjoy these threads started specifically with you in mind! For those who are new to the Loom...

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