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Newest Interview: Lengthy Inspiration Series: Interview with Jill T.

Interview with Brad Bealmear of Bunjii Design Inc.: "Bunjii was founded on January 1, 2000 and was incorporated in April of that year. I’ve been a professional photographer for over twenty years but had been doing some design and writing after-hours, and needed a company to handle that work. Bunjii has turned out to be a hair accessories manufacturing company, but it started as a design firm…"

Interview with Chaum Spehar of Northwest Goods: "Chaum and April Spehar were both born in Corvallis, Oregon. Chaum's parents started their family jewelry business in 1972. Chaum grew up with the business and gradually learned the skills integral to their craft. They continue to make Corvallis their home and sell their work online, at arts festivals, and galleries throughout the Northwest. Chaum's two brothers as well as his sister have all worked their way through college in the family business. Since graduating from the University of Oregon, Chaum and April have become full-time jewelers."

Interview with Don Van CEO of EQyss products (Mega-Tek): "Mega-Tek Rebuilder is a hair product created by EQyss. It was originally designed for humans as a hair cell regenerator for hair that had been damaged by perm chemicals and heat. The increased hair growth benefits came when they began to increase some of the ingredients to penetrate thick horse hair. Mega-Tek is currently marketed for pets and horses, but the unintended Mega great results for us humans is outstanding! I asked Don Van, CEO if he would be willing to answer some questions for us. He was very gracious, and gave me some very interesting information to share with you!"

A Behind the Scenes Interview with Fran Doll of Bronze Jewelers: "Down at the Southernmost Point in the USA live Fran Doll and Dennis Blankenheim, the creative geniuses that own and operate Bronze Jewelers. I've been so fortunate to get the opportunity to get to know them better, and to share some behind the scenes information with you! Bronze Jewelers started about three years after... "

Interview with Ida of Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft! "Deep in the heart of Chagrin Valley, overlooking the Chagrin River in Northeastern Ohio, sits Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft! It is here that the lovely Ida churns out batch after batch of beautiful, natural soap and shampoo bars!" ...

Interview with Jennifer Bahney of Longhairlovers.com: "Jennifer Bahney is a professional journalist whose love of long hair led her to become a trichologist (hair and scalp expert) as well. She has a bachelors degree from Smith College and a master of journalism from Northwestern University. Jennifer has worked as a producer for CNN Headline News and in marketing for Chase Financial Corporation. She's studied with Dr. George Michael and The International Association of Trichologists."

Interview with Karen Ribble of Braided Image: "The crown style is by far my most frequently requested braid. A crown style stays up very well, and looks good on almost everyone. Crowns are very comfortable to wear even with very long hair. The weight of the hair is evenly distributed around the head and will not usually cause a headache."

Interview with Karlie Eldred of Dressy Tresses: "Karlie Eldred is our own "Goldenhair" here on the boards. Her lovely mane of blonde tresses inspire us with every glimpse. I was able to learn more about Karlie's work as a jewelry designer recently, and wanted to share it with you."

Interview with Karen Marie Shelton, President and CEO of Hairboutique.com: "...HairBoutique.com started life as a "now defunct" site known as The Long Hair Video Site (TLHV) that was started at the end of 1996 and launched on the Internet in February of 1997. The concept behind The Long Hair Video Site was to offer complimentary long hair information as well as to market long hair videos. During the first several months of TLHV site's existence we received a large amount of email from consumers who wanted help with..."

Interview with Kathy Robinson, Owner and Artist of The Maiden's Treasures: "Kathy Robinson is the owner and designer behind Maiden’s Treasures a jewelry and hair accessory business based near San Diego, that specializes in gorgeous gemstones and vintage Swarovski crystals! Kathy uses the highest-quality components from around the world. Every design is original, hand-crafted by Kathy herself, and are only available from The Maiden's Treasures. Kathy was kind enough to agree to an interview with the Loom."

Lengthy Inspiration Series: Interview with Jill T.: "I am still amazed at people’s reactions. I had one guy almost fall out of his chair in a restaurant when he saw my hair! The other night I was at this same restaurant and a little girl started pointing at my hair! People are ..."

Lengthy Inspiration -Interview with long hair model, Leona: "Leona is a new recruit to long hair modeling. When she was younger she always dreamed of modeling and even went to modeling school when she was 14 and 15 years old. Becoming a wife and mother put her dreams on hold, but says she wouldn't change that for anything! She enjoys modeling now. She has only been modeling for..."

Interview with henna expert, Maureen Jones of EveryDay Mehndi: "...There are a lot of things that are referred to as "henna." Some actually have nothing whatsoever to do with henna. In fact, many actually have nothing whatsoever to do with henna. Typically, "henna" refers to..."

Interview with "Ric the Combmaker" of Sierra Legacy: "..."Ric the Combmaker" has been making hand crafted wooden combs for over 20 years now. If you take any time at all to get to know him, you will realize that this is not just something he does to pass the time or to make a living, this is his life. He loves what he does and it clearly shows. If you want to know Ric, you need to get beyond the outer being and look into his heart... it's there his dream begins."

Interview with Skeeter of Skeeter's Scrunchies: "...Many of us have had the privilege of owning a Skeeter Scrunchie. If you don’t own one, you’re really missing out! Intricate workmanship shows off beautiful threads and color combinations. Glimmering beads add sparkle and glamour! I thought it would be nice to learn more about Skeeter’s work, so we decided to do an interview so you could get a look into her life."

Interview with Stephanie - 16 year old hair designer: "In the southern state of North Carolina, with her parents and younger brother Ed, lives sixteen year old Stephanie, also known as “Skywalkerette” for her love of SciFi in general, and Star Wars specifically. It was actually her love of Star Wars that brought her to my attention. She recreated many of the Star Wars hair styles on herself and posted pictures on her website. Knowing the difficulty of hair styling in general, I wanted to get to know Stephanie a little better and share it with you."

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