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Fringed Bun



1- Gather hair into a pony tail as show in the Basic Bun instructions and begin taking the length of your hair and twisting. Then begin to wrap your hair into a basic bun. My sister's hair is about mid-back length, so if yours is longer, you are going to have to wrap more times. If you do, you may wish to secure with pins after the first one or two coils, then continue.

When you reach the last 5 inches of so of your length, stop coiling.

2- Take a hairstick and place the tip, aiming upward, through the tip of your bun and go OVER the edge of your remaining hair.


3- Keeping the stick lightly against scalp, flip the stick bringing the top upward and the tip downward. While aiming back down, slide the stick down to secure. You may repeat this step with another stick if you want.


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