Change Your Look

by D. A. Fox

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Hair styling can be a challenge, especially if you are not happy with the shape of your face. There are little tricks you can use to change your overall look, and we will show you how to do that here!

One of the biggest complaints we hear is that while many love the conveniences of not having bangs, they don't like they way their hair looks when they pull it all back. Never fear! You can create faux bangs with a few helpful tips!


Begin by parting your hair or letting it part naturally. Here you see a natural just off side part. from the hair line to the back of the crown.

Natural part - Fox

Using a hairstick end, or any other pointed tip, begin on one side of the part and while keeping the tip of the stick slightly pressed against your scalp, begin your part. You are making a slightly rounded or pie shaped part. It really is up to your personal preference on how much of a swooping effect your want your bangs to have. Do NOT lift up the tip at all during the making of your design. The tip must remain down in order to keep the design in whole. Lifting of the tip will result in unclean lines, and an unfinished look.

Begin design on one side of the part, not on the part itself. - Fox

Your part section should look something like this:

Slightly curved part - Fox

Comb your parted hair forward to make sure it will lay nice and smooth in the front. Take your remaining hair and place in a ponytail or clip to keep it out of your way.

Smooth your hair over to the side to create a side swept look.

Comb and smooth hair to the side - Fox

To keep your new "bangs" in place, you will need to take a bobby pin (or any kind of pin you feel comfortable using, that will also lay flat and be hidden) and secure the bangs section of hair to the underneath side section of your hair.

Pin bangs section of hair to the lower, underneath side section, crocheted scrunchi by Skeeter - Fox

You will now release the remainder of your hair, allowing it to fall in place. If the sides do not fall forward, you may need to pull them forward a bit so they fall into a natural look going over the pinned bangs. Your new look will be something like this:

Let secured hair down and pull sides forward just a bit- Fox


Once you understand this process, you can begin to add additional parts. For more parting tips please read our article, The Art of Parts.

I used two large zigzag parts here to create more lift.

Tow large zigzag parts -Fox

Before and after of hair pulled back and hair parted with faux bangs - Fox


Before and After of hair naturally parted, and hair with faux bangs part with additional zigzag part - Fox

As you can see, you are not "stuck" with the face shape you have. If you don't like the way you look with your hair as it is, it doesn't require a cut to change it! Be creative! Have fun!

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