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Basic Bun with Hair Sticks Instructions

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This is the Basic Bun instructional page. It will help you learn how to do a basic bun using hairsticks.


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Basic Bun


1- Gather hair into a pony tail


2- Twist your hair until it begins to wrap itself upward


3- Bring your twisted hair up and around coiling in a circle until you reach your ends. You may need to twist the hair around your finger a bit as you go around to keep the hair twisted.

4- When you reach your ends, tuck them beneath the coils of your bun with your fingers. The thicker your hair is the more difficult this may be. You may wish to simply spread your ends around and let a bit hang out as shown in the Fringed Bun style. Buns are versatile and can be worn many ways.

5- Insert your hairstick tip through the top edge of your bun with the tip pointing in the opposite direction you want it to end up. Here my tip is pointing at the top right of my bun, but it will really end up at the bottom left.

6- While keeping your hairstick tip lightly against your scalp, flip it up and over into the opposite direction. In this picture you can now see that the tip is facing down and is in the lower left portion of my bun. If you are using Ketylo, twisted bone, or any other twisted stick, instead of sliding straight down, twist in a spiral motion as you begin to slide it through the bun. The stick will naturally want to twist. If you are using straight sticks, just slide straight down through the bun keeping the stick close to the scalp. Some find it helpful to do a little weaving motion.


7- Insert your second hairstick tip through the top edge of your bun in a different location using the same "step 6" instructions. I will show you two options. This is position for the X shape shown at the top of the page.


8- Double side: Insert your hairstick tip on the same side of your bun as your first stick, but just above it. It creates a double side slant // look as shown below.



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